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17 December 2013

10 favourite things about Christmas

Hello again my lovelies, I'm feeling particularly festive today so thought I would write a post on what my favourite things about Christmas are. So lets begin !

1.  Giving Gifts
Now I know that receiving gifts is amazing, but there is nothing that beats the feeling of giving someone a gift that you know they're going to love.
2. Red lipstick
Here is the beautiful Beyoncé sporting a dark red lip, now I'm a fan of a red lip all year round but at Christmas I feel as though you can be more inventive and daring, you can wear a really dark burgundy red one day and then switch it up with a bright brick red the next.
3. Hot chocolate
My current obsession is the Costa black forest hot chocolate, it is delicious! if you haven't yet tried this I highly recommend you do!
4. Being around family
Family is really important to me, especially during Christmas it is nice to be able to get everyone together and sit and have a nice meal. It makes you realise how lucky you are to have some amazing people in your lives.
5. Friends
Friends are like family without the biological ties, my friends mean the world to me, we all go to university so Christmas is a time that we all return home and get to spend time together catching up and celebrating with a few interesting nights out ;)

6. Parties
Who doesn't love a good knees up with your friends/family/partner. I love to have a good ''festive'' drink over Christmas. it is the perfect excuse to get glammed up in your sparkly outfits and high heels and just dance the night away.
7. Cosy nights in by the fire
After all the partying sometimes its nice to just throw on your Christmas onesie grab a cup of tea and watch a good Christmas movie with the fire on.
8. Food glorious food
Christmas is definitely a time in which we all like to indulge in some of our favourite treats, a few of mine include roast dinners, Mr kipling's Christmas cake slices, chocolate yule log cake. you catch my drift ;) 
9. Christmas carols
I love a good sing song at Christmas, jingle bells jingle bells... hehe
10. watching Christmas movies with my fiancé

 some of my favourite Christmas films are Muppets Christmas carol, elf, Annabel's wish, The Grinch and Santa Claus.
Thanks for reading this post, I tag you to do this if you blog and leave me a link so I can see what your top 10 favourite things about Christmas are!

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