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14 December 2013

My fake tanning routine

Hello my lovelies!
With Christmas just around the corner (11days eeee!) I'm sure many of you will be off to Christmas parties, meeting up with friends, going out for dinner, you know the score ;). Well why not treat yourself to a little glow to go with that new outfit?

In the past I have had some fake tan disasters. from looking like a cheesy wotsit to a stripey giraffe I had made some very bad tanning choices. I've tried many different brands and formulas from gradual tan to airbrush tan but I have finally found a routine that leaves me with a nice bronze glow rather than an orange tinge.

Step 1 : preparing the skin for tanning, I like to give my body a good exfoliation before applying my tan. The product that I have found to work best at this is the soap and glory sugar crush. This product smells amazing! it contains brown sugar, lime and almond oil, so it moisturises whilst scrubbing away the dead skin cells.
Step 2: the next step is to moisturise any dry areas on your body, particularly the knees, ankles and elbows as this is where the tan may become patchy. If you are applying the tan the night before an event I would suggest applying a thick moisturiser that morning, however if you are in a rush use a lighter moisturiser as this will sink in to your skin quicker. The product I use is the soap and glory deep moisture body milk. This product contains almond, cocoa, yogurt, oat and honey and therefore has a very sweet scent. This may not be for everyone but personally I love it, it soaks in to the skin easily and makes my tan apply evenly.
Step 3: this is the final step in the process- the fake tan. Like I said previously I have tried numerous tanning products and found some to be good and some to be horrendous. The formula I find the easiest to work with is a mousse, particularly one with a guideline colour. This is because it is easy to see where you have spread the tan and if you have missed any patches. If you are new to fake tan I highly recommend finding a tan with a guideline colour as this will prevent that stripey look (trust me I have learnt from experience!). The product that I find works best for me is the St.Moriz Dark tanning mousse, it has a green undertone that prevents the tan from coming out orange but instead provides a golden hue to the skin. The smell of the fake tan is less biscuit than most other fake tans too, however if you apply the night before and shower in the morning it is virtually unnoticeable. If you live in the UK you can purchase this from Home Bargains for only £2.99, yes you read that correctly! Why pay £20 for a tan when you can pay £2.99 for the same effect.
So there we have it, my fake tanning regime :) I hope you found this post useful and decide to try fake tanning for your next night out! Good luck getting that glow and let me know how you found it :D

Thanks for reading!
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