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16 December 2013

My weight loss journey

I was debating whether or not to post anything about this topic as it is quite a sensitive subject for me personally. I believe that every woman at one point in there lives is unhappy with their weight, men too. I was always aware when I was younger that I was quite chubby, but not overweight. I had a few comments at school made about my weight when I was 12/13 but as I got older I grew in height and lost this ''puppy fat''. However, after being with my fiancé for a couple of years I began to develop some bad eating habits, one of the worst was matching what he ate, just to inform you he is 6ft 4, i'm only 5ft 6. So I was basically eating the same portion as a grown man. After seeing a few unpleasant photographs of myself I decided that it was time I did something about my weight as I was quite unhappy with the way I looked, so much so I would get upset looking for things to wear on nights out. Now I'm not saying that it is better to be thin or anything along those lines, it is more about being happy with yourself and if your not happy then it is fine to want to change that.

I will insert a couple of before photos here just to give you an idea of why I felt I needed to change:

So there they are, the photographs that gave me a real kick to get me started on a healthier diet. I did not join the gym or anything like that but I would walk the dog twice a day for 1-2 hours at a time, I would do press ups, squats and sit-ups for an hour before bed and I completely altered my diet.

I will now insert some more recent photos of me now before going in to a bit more detail on what I did :

So here is what I look like now, just over 3 stone lighter and a year and half later I have kept the weight off. This was by no means a quick fix for me, it was something I knew I was going to have to stick at for life.
here is an example of what I ate to lose weight

-green tea
- hot water, lemon and cayenne pepper
- whole wheat cereal

- peanut butter & banana sandwich
-strawberry's or grapes
- small pot of greek yogurt

- Jacket potato with cheese and onion

I cut down on juice drinks and drank a lot more water. I did not eat crisps, biscuits and chocolate at all, yes, at all. for 9months straight I ate none. Now realistically I knew that I would eat these again but in moderations. Today if I went out for dinner with a friend I will get a dessert if I want one but once in a month is not going to harm you if you eat healthily the rest of the month. Have a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine if you want one, just keep in mind moderation :)

after losing just over 3 stone i found it difficult to lose any more, i had hit a plateau. This is when i joined the gym to ramp up my cardio, i have been going now for well over a year and still enjoy how i feel after a good workout :)

I hope this helps and inspires you if you are feeling a little unhappy at the moment, but also remember the key to a happy, healthy life is balance, everything in moderation. Who wants to lose weight but be miserable whilst doing it? find a goal, something that drives your passion whether it is to run 5k in 30 minutes or cycle 20 miles in an hour.

Good luck
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