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29 January 2014

Lusting After

Hello Lovelies,
Here are some of the items I have been lusting after lately :) enjoy!

Dark grey top- £25.00 river island

Colour block shirt- £32.00- river island

Pink coat- £65.00- river island

Check jacket- £22.00- select

Patterned vest- £12.99- new look

Flower necklace- £14.99- new look

Nude bag- £24.99- new look

Floral crop top - £10.00- asda

Nude brogues- £14.00- asda

Floral shirt- £30.00- Miss Selfridge

What have you been loving lately?

26 January 2014

10 worst beauty mistakes| TAG

Hello Lovelies,

 so my lovely friend Becca from came up with this tag so I thought I would go ahead and do it ! It is my 10 worst beauty mistakes.

1. Half done foundation-
 When I first started wearing make-up I only wore foundation, but instead of applying it all over I believed that because I had a fringe I didn't need to put in on my forehead so I used to have a pale one coloured face and red forehead!
2. Fake tan-
 it has taken me many years to master the art of fake tan. I have tried gradual tans, spray tans, professional tans and I have looked like an orange zebra, orange in general and a patchy dalmation. Not a good look!!
3. Half curled, half straight hair-
 I had a phase in my younger days with only curling the top section of my hair.. and leaving the bottom straight. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, it was not a good look I looked like something thrown back from a badly dressed girl band. It is safe to say I shall not be reliving those days !!
4. Overly smokey eye-
 the aim was a sultry sexy dark eye, the result was a resemblance to a panda!! black eye shadow with my pale skin and blonde hair does not work! I now use softer brown shades to achieve the look, and it is a lot more flattering :)
5. Ignoring my brows-
I have very light coloured eye brows, so much so they look like there barely there. Thus I never bothered plucking, filling or caring for them. I looked like an egg, now a days I pay more attention to ensure they are neat and filled in, eyebrows really do frame the face I have now realised!!
6. Over grown nails-
my nails grow really quickly and I used to get lots of comments on them. Therefore I let them grow and grow until they resembled a witches nails. I have definitely learnt my lesson that neatly manicured nails are much better than extraordinarily long nails.
7. At home dyed hair-
 when you are blonde it is not an easy task to dye your hair with a box dye. It took me plenty of disastrous attempts with orange roots, straw like hair and patchy blobs until I finally put the box away and visited a professional. I will not be looking back.
8.  washing my hair everyday-
I always wondered why my hair wouldn't grow, I found my answer. I washed my hair everyday sometimes twice if I was going out at night. My new best friend is dry shampoo.
9. No mascara-
I went without mascara for a few years before realising my eyes looked non-existent without it. my natural lashes are a brown colour so they don't stand out without the added help of mascara!
10. overly zealous lashes-
When I first started using lashes I would buy the cheaper more voluminous ones thinking the dramatic effect was best. Boy was I wrong. I now go for a most natural looking lash to enhance my own, not overpower.
What beauty mistakes did  you make?

22 January 2014

Red Rose | Outfit Of The Night

Hello Lovelies,

Here is a quick outfit post that I wore over the Christmas period :)  Hope you enjoy.

Blazer- Select
Crop top- New look
Midi skirt- Asda
Necklace- Primark

Lips- Ruby woo by Mac
*my eyes look odd here as I attempted to remove the red eye, so now they look slightly off centre haha.
Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post

19 January 2014

The Perfect Winters Day

Hello my lovelies,

Today was spent walking the dogs over many, many fields with my Dad. I must say it was extremely muddy! Albeit thoroughly enjoyable :) It's a bit of a Sunday tradition that after dinner we walk the dog.


Dream house

Dad and me

What a beautiful day
short but sweet, hope you all had a good weekend

17 January 2014

Fitness Friday | How to overcome a weightloss plateau

Hello Lovelies!

It’s Fitness Friday again and this week I thought I would tackle the topic of weight loss plateaus. Firstly what is a weight loss plateau? Basically it is when you are in taking less calories and upping your exercise but the weight is not budging, you have hit a plateau. Now I just want to put it out there that I personally prefer monitoring weight loss via measurements rather than scales, however, weight loss is a purely personal experience and this is aimed at those who do like to use the scales as their method of tracking weight loss.

Your body does not like losing weight, it is not its natural mechanism to lose weight. It will assume that something is not right and will do its best effort to ‘save’ you from losing more weight. Basically it’s a survival mechanism, even if the weight loss is bettering your health.  The body likes to maintain a balance between calorie intake and energy output, when there is a mismatch in these it will try to resolve the problem. The way in which it may do this is through lowering its metabolic rate, if you are consuming less calories and exercising more by lowering the metabolic rate you burn less calories no matter how hard you push. This is one reason why low calorie diets are detrimental to weight loss efforts. This may be one reason you have hit a plateu.

Tip to overcome: eat more – veg, fruit, complex carbs. By eating more you will trick your body into raising the metabolic rate and therefore weight loss shall resume.

Another reason may be that your body has reached its optimum weight. Check your BMI (body mass index) this should be between 19-24 (one average). You can do this using the NHS BMI calculator. If your BMI falls within the healthy range then maybe a reassessment of your weight loss goal is needed. Perhaps talk to your GP and get their opinion on what is healthy for you.

A further reason is routine, now I know that most of us like our set routines and hate any change to it. However this could be causing the plateau; say you do legs on Monday for one hour with squats, lunges etc. Your body will recognise this and the muscles will become more efficient at carrying out the exercise so that energy output is minimised. Therefore less energy output less fat burnt.

Tip to overcome: switch it up- try a new sport, activity, class. There are plenty of options I personally like to box, it’s a good way to relieve emotion and good cardio too. Why not try tennis, swimming badminton? Do something to shock your muscles so that they have to work harder.

I must put a disclaimer that I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer and all of the content given in this post is from personal experience. So before trying out anything to exertive or weight loss in general see your GP for advice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for next weeks Fitness Friday


15 January 2014

The Best Ever?- Foundation Review

Hello Lovelies,

So I was having a think back about my experience with foundation, and I will openly admit I haven't tried many. The reason for this is the skin on my face is extremely sensitive, and it can easily break out or sometimes sting if a product does not suit it.

However, after much deliberation I thought why change a good thing? I know that most people change foundations as they are looking for the ''one'' a bit like a boyfriend they want something that suits them and brings out the best in them haha. Well what if you have already found it? should you still try out more or stick with what you know?

The foundation I use is Estee Lauder's double wear stay in place foundation. I find that the colour match is perfect, I went into Debenhams and asked one of the ladies at the counter to colour match me, my current shade is cool bone. I was actually ecru before however this shade has been discontinued or renamed, I can't remember what she said but now I am cool bone. I find that it is the perfect match for me, it doesn't leave my face a different colour to my neck and it blends beautifully. The coverage is medium to high but can easily be made extremely high coverage by layering, however, I find that if you apply too much it can go patchy especially around the mouth and nose areas.

I have quite pinky red toned skin and find that this helps to cover but not conceal my skin tone, so I don't look like a tomato but I also don't look a completely different colour either. The best thing is it doesn't make my skin break out or sting which for me is a massive plus :)

Another favourable aspect of this foundation is its' longevity, I apply it in the morning and by late afternoon it is still in place so it is the perfect foundation for long days at work or on the go.

The only gripe I could think of is the fact that because it does contain SPF I do occasionally have the 'ghost' face look on photos, however I can live with this if it keeps wrinkles at bay a few extra years!!

insert super cheesy posed photo of me haha!
I included the photo to show you how the foundation photographs, I don't look ghostly here as I didn't use flash :)
I like the effect this foundation gives, the colour and the consistency, so tell me; would you try other foundations if you think you had found the one?

13 January 2014

All you need is love- Outfit of the day

Hello Lovelies!,

Just a quick outfit post for you today, hope you all have a good week ahead planned :)

Heart Print dress- Primark (now in the sale I think!)
necklace- Select
bag- Asda
tights- Primark's supercosy tights

Kept my make-up very neutral today, just my usual red lip ;)

Hope you enjoyed this little post, have a wonderful day!

11 January 2014

Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies,
so I thought I would share with you my current skincare routine as winter can be so harsh on our skin. The cold air mixed with warm central heating can really dry out and tire skin, believe me I know!  I have really sensitive skin myself, I find it hard to find facial products that do not irritate or break out my skin, the same goes for foundation. It can make me reluctant to try out a wide range of products as once I find one that works for me I tend to stick with it, however, I was not happy with my current skincare and didn't feel it did anything to benefit my skin. So it was time for a change, I decided to go for something affordable as I get through the products quickly.

  The range I went for is L'Oreal skin perfection.

Skin perfection purifying cleansing wipes - £3.49
I know that facial wipes are not every persons choice in make-up removal but I personally think it is ten times easier to remove the bulk of your make-up with a good cleansing wipe, so this is what I like to do first to remove the majority of my facial make-up.

Gentle eye make-up remover- £5.49
The next step is to remove any stubborn eye make-up, I like to take a cotton wool pad and pour some of this gentle eye make-up remover onto it and soak it on my eyelashes by holding it in place a few seconds and wiping gently down, I don't like to scrub or roughly wipe as this can damage eyelashes.
This remover does an amazing job at getting rid of the leftover stubborn mascara and eyeliner.

Purifying gel wash - £4.49
Next I like to dampen my face with warm water and to squeeze a walnut sized amount of this gel wash into my hands and massage into my skin, this helps to remove any of the leftover facial make-up and aids in cleaning deeper into the pores. Remember to use warm water as cold water actually closes the pores so then the wash not be able to penetrate the dirt trapped in them.

Triple active may moisturiser- £9.99
The final step is to apply a good moisturiser to help nourish the skin making it softer and better to apply make-up to.

What about toner? I currently don't use a toner as they can be very harsh on the skin, the alcohol in them can dry out skin so if you already have dry skin it can make it a lot worse, and the parabens can actually cause allergic reactions. I have instead been looking for a less intense chemically based toner to incorporate into my skin care regime and I am currently looking towards a rose water toner.
So far the L'Oreal skin perfection range has helped to clear my skin considerably, it has also not given me any strong reactions which means it is suitable for sensitive skin types. The fact it is effective and affordable is a huge plus and I will consider repurchasing these products. The range is available from boots or superdrug if you were interested in trying the range yourself.
Thank You for reading


6 January 2014

spring/summer 2014

Hello my lovelies,

 Now i know what your thinking by the title ''Blimey she's thinking ahead!''. I realise it is only the beginning of January still and we have not had the worst of winter yet, but now that Christmas had passed and the new year has begun I can't help but dream of warm summer nights, ice cream, holidays and summer clothes. I am planning a trip away this summer so I have already started planning what type of clothes I'm going to need and so forth, so after browsing the clothing websites I thought I would share a few of my favourite items :)

Spring/Summer 2014 holds floral patterns, pastel colours, playful fabrics and the odd polka dot, the items I've featured in the post are:

Daisy shorts- river island- £20.00
Pink embellished top- river island - £35.00
Floral playsuit- miss selfridge- £39.00
Spotty shirt- new look- £14.99
Floral vest- new look- £14.99
Navy crop top- topshop- £36.00
Mint jumper- select- £14.00
Jewelled flower necklace- topshop- £36.00
Sunglasses- topshop- £18.00
Peach lipstick- barry m- £4.49
Bright pink nail polish- models own- £4.99
These are some of the pieces I'm going to be keeping an eye out for on my next shopping trip!
What trends are you looking forward to this spring?

5 January 2014

Plans for 2014

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and partied New Years Eve, I personally had a lovely start to the new year by celebrating a friend's birthday new years eve. Now that 2013 has passed it has gotten me thinking about what 2014 has in store and about what kind of things I have planned this coming year. Every year people make resolutions, but I find these hard to stick to, so instead I have made plans :) and I thought I would share them all with you. 2014 is going to be extremely busy for me I anticipate so I have started making lists of things to do already and it's only January 5th!! haha.

So without further ado here are my plans for 2014:

1. Finish university- I finish my last term this year, no more education!

2. My 21st- I will be turning the grand age of 21 and have planned to spend it with my friends on a boozy night in leeds, followed by a more formal dinner with my family. Who can complain with food, drink and good company ;]

3. go travelling around Europe- Me and Stephen have been saving up to go interrailing around Europe for one month this summer, we plan to visit; Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Lake Bled, Berlin and Amsterdam. I love visiting different places so I am extremely excited about this trip!!

4. find a job- Probably the most daunting task this year is to find full time employment, which in this current climate is going to be hard, vacancies are competitive so I must prepare myself for whatever line of work is available at the time.

5. move out with Stephen- Me and Stephen will have been together for 6 years this year and have decided that if we both find jobs in the summer we shall move in together by late November, early December. We have not decided which route to go down yet, whether it be to buy or to rent a property, it all depends on income and selection of properties available at the time. If we do not see a house for sale in our budget that we love, we will not buy. I would rather rent for the time being until a property we love and can comfortably afford arrives on the market. Why settle for less than what you want ay ;)

So although I have only written 5 plans for the whole year some of them are pretty hefty, a lot of changes are going to take place this year and its both daunting and exciting, I am looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. Hopefully smoothly.

What plans have you made for this year?


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