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26 January 2014

10 worst beauty mistakes| TAG

Hello Lovelies,

 so my lovely friend Becca from came up with this tag so I thought I would go ahead and do it ! It is my 10 worst beauty mistakes.

1. Half done foundation-
 When I first started wearing make-up I only wore foundation, but instead of applying it all over I believed that because I had a fringe I didn't need to put in on my forehead so I used to have a pale one coloured face and red forehead!
2. Fake tan-
 it has taken me many years to master the art of fake tan. I have tried gradual tans, spray tans, professional tans and I have looked like an orange zebra, orange in general and a patchy dalmation. Not a good look!!
3. Half curled, half straight hair-
 I had a phase in my younger days with only curling the top section of my hair.. and leaving the bottom straight. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, it was not a good look I looked like something thrown back from a badly dressed girl band. It is safe to say I shall not be reliving those days !!
4. Overly smokey eye-
 the aim was a sultry sexy dark eye, the result was a resemblance to a panda!! black eye shadow with my pale skin and blonde hair does not work! I now use softer brown shades to achieve the look, and it is a lot more flattering :)
5. Ignoring my brows-
I have very light coloured eye brows, so much so they look like there barely there. Thus I never bothered plucking, filling or caring for them. I looked like an egg, now a days I pay more attention to ensure they are neat and filled in, eyebrows really do frame the face I have now realised!!
6. Over grown nails-
my nails grow really quickly and I used to get lots of comments on them. Therefore I let them grow and grow until they resembled a witches nails. I have definitely learnt my lesson that neatly manicured nails are much better than extraordinarily long nails.
7. At home dyed hair-
 when you are blonde it is not an easy task to dye your hair with a box dye. It took me plenty of disastrous attempts with orange roots, straw like hair and patchy blobs until I finally put the box away and visited a professional. I will not be looking back.
8.  washing my hair everyday-
I always wondered why my hair wouldn't grow, I found my answer. I washed my hair everyday sometimes twice if I was going out at night. My new best friend is dry shampoo.
9. No mascara-
I went without mascara for a few years before realising my eyes looked non-existent without it. my natural lashes are a brown colour so they don't stand out without the added help of mascara!
10. overly zealous lashes-
When I first started using lashes I would buy the cheaper more voluminous ones thinking the dramatic effect was best. Boy was I wrong. I now go for a most natural looking lash to enhance my own, not overpower.
What beauty mistakes did  you make?

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