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25 January 2014

Fitness Friday| Why water?

Hello Lovelies,

I am sorry that this post is late- it isn't actually Friday today, in fact Saturday is drawing to an end too. I don't like to make excuses but I have been busy this week with work so haven't found chance to sit down and write this post.

However, I thought it is better late than never so here is this weeks Fitness Friday post- all about water.

We are told to drink water by every health care, nutritionist and GP, but do you actually know why?
Women are expected to drink 1.6 litres a day, that equates to 8 x 200ml glasses!
Men are expected to drink 2.0 litres a day, that equates to 10 x 200ml glasses!

so why so much emphasis?

Well number one is Rehydration. We constantly lose water through tears, sweat, talking and breathing and lets face it if your a girl you do a lot of them ;). We need to replace what is lost in order to provide our body with the essential electrolytes it needs to function. If you have a particularly intense gym session you are going to need even more water to replenish what has been lost.

Number two is calorie control. By drinking water you are less likely to snack, this is due to the fact that the majority of the time we think we are hungry between meals we are actually dehydrated. By drinking the water you will feel fuller and less likely to want to snack between your meals.

Number three is to energise muscles. When there is an unbalance of fluid in the muscles it causes fatigue, which is detrimental if you are exercising and trying to lose weight as the more tired your muscles are the less hard they are going to work during your exercise regime. By upping your intake of water your muscles will have sufficient fluid to effectively complete workouts, therefore more calories will be burnt.

Number four is to improve skin. Water helps kidney function, the kidneys remove harmful toxins from the body, therefore if you are dehydrated your kidneys will find it harder to remove the toxins and they will be expressed elsewhere- particularly the skin. Drinking water means there will be less toxins reaching the skin surface and therefore you will have clearer skin and less acne.

Number five is increased cognitive function. There is a method in the madness when you are told to drink water when doing exams or working as research has found that drinking water produced a 30 % increase in concentration. So if you are completing some demanding work remember to have a bottle of water at hand!

Now that we know why we should drink water, what about how to get enough of it?

My top tips are:

- when you first wake up down a glass of water, you have likely been asleep 8-10 hours and during this time you have sweated, breathed, yawned. You are at your most dehydrated in the morning so by drinking a glass straight away you will be replacing the fluid and electrolytes lost through the night

- Carry a bottle with you everywhere. This means you are less likely to buy a can of pop when you are out. The fact that you have it will remind you to drink, there are countless people who are busy  throughout the day and forget to drink water regularly. By having it there it is a constant reminder.

- If you find water bland and don't fancy purchasing flavoured water then get some frozen fruit and pop that into your water. The flavour from the fruit will diffuse into the water making it more flavoursome.

So there we have it- water is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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