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11 January 2014

Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies,
so I thought I would share with you my current skincare routine as winter can be so harsh on our skin. The cold air mixed with warm central heating can really dry out and tire skin, believe me I know!  I have really sensitive skin myself, I find it hard to find facial products that do not irritate or break out my skin, the same goes for foundation. It can make me reluctant to try out a wide range of products as once I find one that works for me I tend to stick with it, however, I was not happy with my current skincare and didn't feel it did anything to benefit my skin. So it was time for a change, I decided to go for something affordable as I get through the products quickly.

  The range I went for is L'Oreal skin perfection.

Skin perfection purifying cleansing wipes - £3.49
I know that facial wipes are not every persons choice in make-up removal but I personally think it is ten times easier to remove the bulk of your make-up with a good cleansing wipe, so this is what I like to do first to remove the majority of my facial make-up.

Gentle eye make-up remover- £5.49
The next step is to remove any stubborn eye make-up, I like to take a cotton wool pad and pour some of this gentle eye make-up remover onto it and soak it on my eyelashes by holding it in place a few seconds and wiping gently down, I don't like to scrub or roughly wipe as this can damage eyelashes.
This remover does an amazing job at getting rid of the leftover stubborn mascara and eyeliner.

Purifying gel wash - £4.49
Next I like to dampen my face with warm water and to squeeze a walnut sized amount of this gel wash into my hands and massage into my skin, this helps to remove any of the leftover facial make-up and aids in cleaning deeper into the pores. Remember to use warm water as cold water actually closes the pores so then the wash not be able to penetrate the dirt trapped in them.

Triple active may moisturiser- £9.99
The final step is to apply a good moisturiser to help nourish the skin making it softer and better to apply make-up to.

What about toner? I currently don't use a toner as they can be very harsh on the skin, the alcohol in them can dry out skin so if you already have dry skin it can make it a lot worse, and the parabens can actually cause allergic reactions. I have instead been looking for a less intense chemically based toner to incorporate into my skin care regime and I am currently looking towards a rose water toner.
So far the L'Oreal skin perfection range has helped to clear my skin considerably, it has also not given me any strong reactions which means it is suitable for sensitive skin types. The fact it is effective and affordable is a huge plus and I will consider repurchasing these products. The range is available from boots or superdrug if you were interested in trying the range yourself.
Thank You for reading


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