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15 January 2014

The Best Ever?- Foundation Review

Hello Lovelies,

So I was having a think back about my experience with foundation, and I will openly admit I haven't tried many. The reason for this is the skin on my face is extremely sensitive, and it can easily break out or sometimes sting if a product does not suit it.

However, after much deliberation I thought why change a good thing? I know that most people change foundations as they are looking for the ''one'' a bit like a boyfriend they want something that suits them and brings out the best in them haha. Well what if you have already found it? should you still try out more or stick with what you know?

The foundation I use is Estee Lauder's double wear stay in place foundation. I find that the colour match is perfect, I went into Debenhams and asked one of the ladies at the counter to colour match me, my current shade is cool bone. I was actually ecru before however this shade has been discontinued or renamed, I can't remember what she said but now I am cool bone. I find that it is the perfect match for me, it doesn't leave my face a different colour to my neck and it blends beautifully. The coverage is medium to high but can easily be made extremely high coverage by layering, however, I find that if you apply too much it can go patchy especially around the mouth and nose areas.

I have quite pinky red toned skin and find that this helps to cover but not conceal my skin tone, so I don't look like a tomato but I also don't look a completely different colour either. The best thing is it doesn't make my skin break out or sting which for me is a massive plus :)

Another favourable aspect of this foundation is its' longevity, I apply it in the morning and by late afternoon it is still in place so it is the perfect foundation for long days at work or on the go.

The only gripe I could think of is the fact that because it does contain SPF I do occasionally have the 'ghost' face look on photos, however I can live with this if it keeps wrinkles at bay a few extra years!!

insert super cheesy posed photo of me haha!
I included the photo to show you how the foundation photographs, I don't look ghostly here as I didn't use flash :)
I like the effect this foundation gives, the colour and the consistency, so tell me; would you try other foundations if you think you had found the one?

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