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3 February 2014

Shades of grey | outfit of the day

Hello Lovelies!!,

I've been quite busy this week and ill unfortunately!! However, I was looking over my blog and realised it has been a while since I have done an outfit post. Now, I have good reason for this as I haven't particularly worn anything exciting to be honest mainly pyjamas !

I did however manage to snap a couple of pictures of what I wore today :)

Lace collar jumper: Primark
Black jeans: new look
Bag: Primark
Watch: stall in Westfield

Khaki Parka- Select
Tartan scarf- Select
Sorry about picture quality!! it was very early in the morning so the lighting in the house was terrible.

I love the detail of this collar- so pretty :)
I will be uploading some more outfit posts soon as I am going to a few nice places so I will actually be wearing some remotely interesting clothes!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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