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30 April 2014

Nutella & Peanut Butter Porridge

So today's post is something a little bit different for me, it's actually a food post! Now I love to dabble in a bit of baking and cooking but to be honest I never really get time to have a play with making different things. It's just usually make and eat dinner with me. However, I have had a little more spare time just lately so I thought I would give it a go.

This is my take on Gemsmaquillage's breakfast post, a very filling, delicious and mainly good for you breakfast! Did I mention it is delicious?

You will need:

- Half a pint of milk
- Half a pint of water
- 80g Porridge oats
- 1 tablespoon of Peanut butter
- 1 tablespoon of Nutella
- 1 Banana
- Sugar (optional)

Step 1.

Add half a pint of milk and half a pint of water to your pan. Bring this to the boil.

Step 2.

Stir in 80g of porridge oats. Do this until the mixture thickens. Add more milk if you prefer a runnier consistency or more oats if you prefer a thicker consistency.

Step 3.

Stir in 1 tablespoon of Nutella. Allow this to melt into the porridge, you should see the porridge change colour from white to a nice light brown.

Step 4.

Similarly to step 3 stir in 1 tablespoon of Peanut butter, continue to stir until all the peanut butter has melted into the mixture.

Step 5.

Add a fruit topping. I had some bananas that needed using up, alternatively strawberries, blueberries or raspberries make fantastic porridge toppers!

Step 6.

Grab a cup of tea and Enjoy!!

There we have it, one yummy filling breakfast. If you want to check out an even healthier version (minus the nutella) then head over to whom I took the inspiration from. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post for today! :)

Let me know what you think and if you decide to
have a go at making this yummy creation

28 April 2014

Planning An Extended Trip

Michael Palin once said ''Once the Travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know I shall be happily infected until the end of my life''. Those same words ring very true for me too, there is just something so infectiously exciting and desirable about travelling. It could be a weekend trip in your own country or a long-haul trip to the other side of the world, both awaken the wanderlust in me.

If you have read some of my previous posts you will already know that I am planning a month long trip this summer around Europe. I will be doing lots of posts before and during my trip but I thought I would start off with the actual planning. For me, I started planning this trip months in advance, almost a year I think! However I am the type of traveller who likes to research everything from how to get to the hotel to where is best to eat. There are all different kinds of travellers out there, some can easily hop on a plane to an unknown destination and be content, others, like me, need a plan.

So here are my tips on planning a long trip:

1. Decide where you want to go-
 This could be very easy or very hard. First decide what part of the world you want to see; do you imagine yourself drinking coconut milk from your hammock in the Caribbean ? Does history and architecture get your pulse racing? There is so much to consider.

2. Make a list of ''must visit'' places-
 Once you know where in the world you want to go, it is now time to put pen to paper and decide on specifics, Rome or Venice? Bratislava or Budapest? Make a list of the places you really want to visit, then prioritise them in terms of ''must see''.

3. Timing-
  Another key aspect that will lead on to my next tip is timing, in particular trip length and season of travel. There are perks to all seasons, winter brings quieter cities meaning the queues are not as long for attractions and also prices are much cheaper. However many cities' restaurants and bars shut during the winter, less people means less ability to socialise with fellow travellers. Summer brings beautiful weather, plenty of open attractions, bars and restaurants. This gives you ample situations to get sociable. However, it also brings crowds, long lines and high prices. This is an important factor to decide upon when planning your trip. The next is the length of the trip, is it going to be one month? six months? Maybe even a year? This is extremely important to decide as you will need to know how long you want to spend in each ''must see'' destination.

4. Decide on a budget-
 The third point is vital for your budget, season and length of trip play an integral part in deciding upon your budget. There a plenty of ways to save money whilst travelling, such as choosing hostels instead of hotels, using alternative methods of transport, seeking where the locals eat and drink. All of these will help you decide what kind of budget you're going to have to save for. Factor for the things that will suit your travel style. For me personally I have used the major factors first; Travel, Accommodation and Food. On top of this I have budgeted for attractions and beauty purchases (priorities girls ;) ).

5. Research-
 Once all of these factors have been decided, get researching! There are plenty of travel blogs, websites and review pages that can help you get a feel for the place before you even leave your sofa. It is helpful to know of any national holidays in which prices and crowds may increase, or if there are certain days that museums and shops are shut. Get to know the place before you go and you will feel much more comfortable when you're there.

6. Get excited!-
 Don't get too caught up in the planning process and stress yourself out! remind yourself why you are taking this trip, and if you're like me spend time just imagining that gelato as you stroll in the sunshine through the winding streets of Italy.

Is there anything you would like me to expand on? Do you have any other tips I have

26 April 2014

Max Factor ''Bewitching Coral''

Recently I have been trying to switch up my fuchsia pinks and bold red lip for something more reminiscent of summer. I began the hunt for an affordable coral lipstick. I popped into Superdrug  and decided I would have a look what was on offer, this is when I came across Max Factor's Bewitching Coral. I had swatched quite a few coral shades but this one fit the bill.
The consistency is really creamy and hydrating so it does not dry on the lips, I really love the glossy effect it gives. I believe that the creamy lipsticks keep the look more fresh and youthful than a matte lipstick.
The colour pay off is perfect, it gives an opaque finish of a beautiful pinky coral. It is a cross between orange and pink, such a beautiful shade that would be universally flattering. As for longevity I wore this all day to work and it did not bleed or fade which I was really impressed by, I thought that because it was such a creamy consistency that it was bound to fade and smudge easily. I guess I was wrong because it lasted really well.
The lipstick retails for £5.99 from Superdrug which I think is a reasonable price for the quality. The packaging also drew me to it (I know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!) but the stunning sleek gold packaging really made it look expensive and high quality.
Will you be sporting a coral lip this summer?

25 April 2014

Perfect Primark Pointies

Recently I have been on the hunt for some black, classy looking heels. I didn't want to pay too much to start with as I rarely ever wear pointed shoes and wanted to test run some before committing to something more expensive. So where did I go first? Primark of course! They had an array of different pointed heeled shoes, but these really caught my eye.
They are a faux suede matte looking fabric, which I must say was probably not my wisest of choices due to them attracting dust like crazy. The few marks you can see are from my over zealousness of dry shampoo (Oops!) These beauties were only £10.00 which is an absolute steal. I feel so elegant and classy when I wear them, which may sound ridiculous but its true!
They don't have a very high heel and are sling back style, this makes them super comfortable to walk in. I'm not sure how long they will last me or if they are rain proof (I highly doubt they are). However, for a starter pair I think they are pretty perfect.
What do you think? do you like pointed shoes?

21 April 2014

Life Lately | Easter Weekend

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Easter (belated I know, sorry!). Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, I have actually had the WHOLE weekend off from work which is a rarity. I spent most of it with my family but I did also go to a wedding reception and a few drinks at our local tonight (Sunday). This post is likely to be live Monday rather than its usual Sunday spot just because I have been so busy lately, apologies.

I thought I would share with you some snippets of my weekend
Our traditional Sunday walk
You can't see it but there is a house overlooking this dam and I would love to live somewhere like that one day, what a beautiful view to wake to every morning.
Mrs Til (Tilly)
Fields galore
Winding paths
Yummy carvery!

So there is a little sneek peak into my weekend, I didn't photograph the wedding reception as I didn't think it was right too. However we had a fantastic time with a few cheeky drinks! Our Saturday was spent with family and then Sunday we went for a long walk followed by dinner and drinks.
It was the perfect weekend off, but sadly I am back to work tomorrow. All good things must come to an end!
What did you get up to this weekend?

18 April 2014

Take Me Away | Outfit Post

Lace Kimono- Select
Coral vest- Select
High waist acid wash jeans- Primark
Floral bag- Select
Jelly shoes- Select

The weather has been glorious today and the best part? I have the whole weekend off! I can't wait, it have a few bits planned over the weekend, starting with tonight I am going to a wedding reception. I am looking forward to the fact I can enjoy a drink and not worry about having to get up for work the next day.
I have bought a few nice summer inspired clothing items recently, a couple of pretty kimonos, this one from select was only £12.99 which I couldn't believe! I paired it with a bright coral vest to add a nice pop of colour.
The acid wash jeans were only £10.00 from Primark, I don't often stray from black jeans as I find light wash jeans don't flatter me very well. Sadly I was not blessed with long gazelle like legs. However I personally feel the high waist gives the illusion of longer legs and I feel comfortable wearing these without feeling self-conscious.
I caved into buying some jelly shoes, for a while I couldn't make up my mind whether I thought they were ugly or cool. I decided to buy them anyway and do actually think they look really nice paired with jeans. I don't know if I would push the boat out with a more vibrant colour, but the idea of some white ones is appealing.
Hope you all are looking forward to the Easter weekend, eat lots of chocolate and have fun!
What do you think of jelly shoes? fashionable or ugly?

16 April 2014

Spring and Summer Nail Varnishes

Hello Lovelies!
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite spring/summer nail colours for this year (so far). I have tried to demonstrate the application by putting just one coat on a piece of A4, not as artfully done as those more creative beauty bloggers who paint actual nails haha! I do try, honest!
I like to mix my nails up more in summer, ranging from pastel pinks and greiges to bright blues and reds. I also like to add a dash of sparkle, it may not be Christmas but who can resist a little bit of glitz? Not me that's for sure!

The first of my nail polishes is the Beauty UK salon professional polish in Jade. The colour is more of a mint green I would say rather than jade, it has a blue undertone which I really love. I love the Beauty UK polishes as they only cost £1.99 and you don't need to apply lots of coats to get a good opaque finish.

The next polish is also from Beauty UK.. can you see an obsession building here? This is the shade Coral which is a beautiful vibrant orange red. I think red is a universally flattering colour for all nail lengths and shapes. I love painting my toe nails with this colour, but also once applied to the hands it makes you look a lot more tanned.

The third and final Beauty UK polish in this line up is Smokey Lilac, which is basically what it says, a really light purple grey colour. I think this is a nice twist on a standard grey nail paint and the hint of colour makes it that bit more summery.
The other brand of nail varnishes I'm obsessed with are the Barry M nail paints, I love the consistency and colour range they have to offer. This one is Pink Flamingo which is a lovely bright candy pink- verging on neon but just a hint subtler. This too makes your tan stand out (or fake tan if you're pale like me!) and just adds that pop of colour to your look.
Ahhh, who could resist some glitter? This is a limited edition polish from Barry M that I got at Christmas, I'm not sure of its name but as you can see it is a mix of gold and rose gold glitter. I love to put this over white or nude coloured nails for a sunshine glimmer effect. You can apply several coats if you want a full coverage glitter, personally I like to just put a little at the base of the nail for a different look.
So there we have it, my nail picks for spring and summer 2014,
do you have a perfect polish for summer? let me know in the comments

14 April 2014

Game of Thrones Inspired Fashion

1.       Waterfall Leather jacket- River Island- £35.00
 2.       Black and gold spike necklace- New look- £7.99
 3.       Black and white cleated sole heels- New look- £39.99
 4.       Caged dress- River island- £42.00
 5.       Gold tribal ring- New look - £3.99
 6.       Lipstick in ‘’hazard’’ Topshop- £8.00
 7.       Silver eagle necklace- Topshop- £6.50
 8.       Aqua blue shimmer dress- New look- £79.99
 9.       Silver cut-out cuff bracelet- Topshop- £8.50
 10.   Lipstick in ‘’petal’’- Topshop- £8.00
 11.   Silver strappy sandals- Topshop- £68.00
If your anything like me tonight will be spent sat in your pj's, mug of tea in hand and GoT on the television. Monday nights just got bearable with the addition of Game of Thrones and Made in Chelsea! I feel that Monday now has a purpose, is that sad?!
Now it could be seen as the least likely source of fashion inspiration for some, however, I just love the mix of colours, textures and patterns that the GoT characters sport. Much of the clothing worn is thick and bulky to display the cold climate. I have also noted the mix of both dark and magical clothing clashed against the innocent ethereal styles as seen worn by Daenerys Stormborn (whose hair I would love to steal!). When browsing this seasons clothes I started to notice that these accents are being hinted towards, with the structured caged dresses, metallic heels and statement jewellery it is possible to dress like your part of Game of Thrones, yet also  be bang on trend this season!
Go on and indulge in the fantasy this spring/summer, as always winter is coming..
Hope you enjoyed this post,
are any of you Game of Thrones fans?


12 April 2014

Pro:voke Touch of Silver Shampoo | A Review

If you have blonde highlighted hair you probably can relate to the hardship of trying to achieve the ''perfect'' shade of blonde. I am forever trying to achieve a light ash blonde, yet I find after a few weeks my highlights go from a nice light blonde to somewhat yellow

This began my quest to find the best purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is specially designed for blonde, grey and white hair as it removes yellow tones and takes hair from looking brassy to beautifully ash blonde. I have tried a couple of purple shampoos in my time and so I thought why not share my views on them with you.

Pro:voke touch of silver shampoo claims that it can protect against fading and dullness and neutralise brassy tones in blonde, grey or white hair. The version I use (as there are a few different ones) is the daily maintenance shampoo with optical brightener. So therefore I used a small 50p sized amount and massage it into my hair, what I first noticed is that it doesn't lather well meaning if you have long hair you will need to use more. I second noticed the scent, it has a very sweet clean smell which is really pleasant and not at all over powering.

When trying out purple shampoos I have noticed the darker the purple the better the outcome, however, due to this shampoo being a daily maintenance shampoo it has a very light purple tone and therefore it does not transform your hair into a lovely white ash blonde but instead gives it a nice shine and makes it look slightly less yellow.

The Good:

- Only costs around £3.00 (can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug).
- has a lovely fresh scent
- leaves hair shiny

The Bad:
- You have to use a lot if you have long hair
- doesn't tone as well as some of the other purple shampoos
- I have noticed it leaves my hair feeling quite dry after a long period of use.

I would recommend using this shampoo 3 times a week as a top up toner rather than an every day shampoo, it does help neutralise the brassy tones in my hair but not to the extent I was hoping for. Overall I think the shampoo works well for the price, has a nice clean scent but I wouldn't use this as an every day product.

Do you use purple shampoo? if so what do you think?

11 April 2014

The Little Things #1

I don't know about you, but there's something about a beautiful scene that I can't help but take a moment to appreciate. I love looking at inspiring scenery, whether it be man-made or natural, there's no better way to spend your time admiring the view.

I thought I would share with you some of the scenes that moved me most, so much so that I had to take a picture and encapsulate that memory forever. Landscapes are ever changing, it's amazing to think that the one photo you took will freeze that moment in time forever.

The blue lagoon, Malta.
The view over Malta from The Citadel.
The sun setting over Ibiza.
The view of Wales from The Welsh Mountain Zoo.
Eyam, Derbyshire.
The tower bridge, London.
Swimming in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.
Snorkelling in Ras Mohammed, Egypt.
Bakewell, Derbyshire
View of Edinburgh from Arthur's seat.
A gaggle of geese.

So there we have it, some of my most beautiful memories from some of the most inspiring places. They say a picture says a thousand words, I think this really does ring true. I love photography and can't wait to, camera in hand, go out and do some more exploring.
Do you love photography? If you have any inspiring photos on your blog
leave me the post link and I will take a look.
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