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14 April 2014

Game of Thrones Inspired Fashion

1.       Waterfall Leather jacket- River Island- £35.00
 2.       Black and gold spike necklace- New look- £7.99
 3.       Black and white cleated sole heels- New look- £39.99
 4.       Caged dress- River island- £42.00
 5.       Gold tribal ring- New look - £3.99
 6.       Lipstick in ‘’hazard’’ Topshop- £8.00
 7.       Silver eagle necklace- Topshop- £6.50
 8.       Aqua blue shimmer dress- New look- £79.99
 9.       Silver cut-out cuff bracelet- Topshop- £8.50
 10.   Lipstick in ‘’petal’’- Topshop- £8.00
 11.   Silver strappy sandals- Topshop- £68.00
If your anything like me tonight will be spent sat in your pj's, mug of tea in hand and GoT on the television. Monday nights just got bearable with the addition of Game of Thrones and Made in Chelsea! I feel that Monday now has a purpose, is that sad?!
Now it could be seen as the least likely source of fashion inspiration for some, however, I just love the mix of colours, textures and patterns that the GoT characters sport. Much of the clothing worn is thick and bulky to display the cold climate. I have also noted the mix of both dark and magical clothing clashed against the innocent ethereal styles as seen worn by Daenerys Stormborn (whose hair I would love to steal!). When browsing this seasons clothes I started to notice that these accents are being hinted towards, with the structured caged dresses, metallic heels and statement jewellery it is possible to dress like your part of Game of Thrones, yet also  be bang on trend this season!
Go on and indulge in the fantasy this spring/summer, as always winter is coming..
Hope you enjoyed this post,
are any of you Game of Thrones fans?


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