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25 April 2014

Perfect Primark Pointies

Recently I have been on the hunt for some black, classy looking heels. I didn't want to pay too much to start with as I rarely ever wear pointed shoes and wanted to test run some before committing to something more expensive. So where did I go first? Primark of course! They had an array of different pointed heeled shoes, but these really caught my eye.
They are a faux suede matte looking fabric, which I must say was probably not my wisest of choices due to them attracting dust like crazy. The few marks you can see are from my over zealousness of dry shampoo (Oops!) These beauties were only £10.00 which is an absolute steal. I feel so elegant and classy when I wear them, which may sound ridiculous but its true!
They don't have a very high heel and are sling back style, this makes them super comfortable to walk in. I'm not sure how long they will last me or if they are rain proof (I highly doubt they are). However, for a starter pair I think they are pretty perfect.
What do you think? do you like pointed shoes?

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