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4 April 2014

Pretty Primark Purchases

1. Pink Tumbler- £2.00
2. Poodle socks pack of 3- £2.00
3. Panda slippers- £3.00
4. Pink sleeveless shirt - £8.00

Hello Lovelies,
Today was my last official lecture, I am almost free just have a bit of essay editing to do and then I'm all done! I can't tell you how good it feels. I will be starting working full time soon too so I am looking forward to have some extra money rather than having to scrimp and save (I know what you're thinking, I do like a little treat ;]). I am also going travelling in 14 weeks for a whole month so most of my money will be going towards that. Not without picking up some nice clothing pieces to take with me that is.
The main reason I popped into Primark in the first place was to see if they had anything that would be suitable for my trip, however, I ended up coming away with these four little goodies instead! I am trying to drink more water and thought that by having a nice cup it might encourage me, haha, I am also intending on chopping up fruit into the water and leaving it in the fridge to diffuse and thought that it would come in handy for that too. The next two purchases were purely impulse buys, how cute are those socks and slippers?! As soon as I saw them I couldn't resist popping them into my basket. Finally, if you have seen my previous wish list I have been lusting after a pink sleeveless shirt for a while now I can imagine wearing it with acid wash jeans and my lilac grey blazer.
Hope you've all had a good Friday, I am hoping now that the work load has eased to start getting more outfit posts up and maybe even a few cheeky baking ones? Let me know what you would like to see :)
Thanks for reading!

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