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12 April 2014

Pro:voke Touch of Silver Shampoo | A Review

If you have blonde highlighted hair you probably can relate to the hardship of trying to achieve the ''perfect'' shade of blonde. I am forever trying to achieve a light ash blonde, yet I find after a few weeks my highlights go from a nice light blonde to somewhat yellow

This began my quest to find the best purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is specially designed for blonde, grey and white hair as it removes yellow tones and takes hair from looking brassy to beautifully ash blonde. I have tried a couple of purple shampoos in my time and so I thought why not share my views on them with you.

Pro:voke touch of silver shampoo claims that it can protect against fading and dullness and neutralise brassy tones in blonde, grey or white hair. The version I use (as there are a few different ones) is the daily maintenance shampoo with optical brightener. So therefore I used a small 50p sized amount and massage it into my hair, what I first noticed is that it doesn't lather well meaning if you have long hair you will need to use more. I second noticed the scent, it has a very sweet clean smell which is really pleasant and not at all over powering.

When trying out purple shampoos I have noticed the darker the purple the better the outcome, however, due to this shampoo being a daily maintenance shampoo it has a very light purple tone and therefore it does not transform your hair into a lovely white ash blonde but instead gives it a nice shine and makes it look slightly less yellow.

The Good:

- Only costs around £3.00 (can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug).
- has a lovely fresh scent
- leaves hair shiny

The Bad:
- You have to use a lot if you have long hair
- doesn't tone as well as some of the other purple shampoos
- I have noticed it leaves my hair feeling quite dry after a long period of use.

I would recommend using this shampoo 3 times a week as a top up toner rather than an every day shampoo, it does help neutralise the brassy tones in my hair but not to the extent I was hoping for. Overall I think the shampoo works well for the price, has a nice clean scent but I wouldn't use this as an every day product.

Do you use purple shampoo? if so what do you think?

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