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16 April 2014

Spring and Summer Nail Varnishes

Hello Lovelies!
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite spring/summer nail colours for this year (so far). I have tried to demonstrate the application by putting just one coat on a piece of A4, not as artfully done as those more creative beauty bloggers who paint actual nails haha! I do try, honest!
I like to mix my nails up more in summer, ranging from pastel pinks and greiges to bright blues and reds. I also like to add a dash of sparkle, it may not be Christmas but who can resist a little bit of glitz? Not me that's for sure!

The first of my nail polishes is the Beauty UK salon professional polish in Jade. The colour is more of a mint green I would say rather than jade, it has a blue undertone which I really love. I love the Beauty UK polishes as they only cost £1.99 and you don't need to apply lots of coats to get a good opaque finish.

The next polish is also from Beauty UK.. can you see an obsession building here? This is the shade Coral which is a beautiful vibrant orange red. I think red is a universally flattering colour for all nail lengths and shapes. I love painting my toe nails with this colour, but also once applied to the hands it makes you look a lot more tanned.

The third and final Beauty UK polish in this line up is Smokey Lilac, which is basically what it says, a really light purple grey colour. I think this is a nice twist on a standard grey nail paint and the hint of colour makes it that bit more summery.
The other brand of nail varnishes I'm obsessed with are the Barry M nail paints, I love the consistency and colour range they have to offer. This one is Pink Flamingo which is a lovely bright candy pink- verging on neon but just a hint subtler. This too makes your tan stand out (or fake tan if you're pale like me!) and just adds that pop of colour to your look.
Ahhh, who could resist some glitter? This is a limited edition polish from Barry M that I got at Christmas, I'm not sure of its name but as you can see it is a mix of gold and rose gold glitter. I love to put this over white or nude coloured nails for a sunshine glimmer effect. You can apply several coats if you want a full coverage glitter, personally I like to just put a little at the base of the nail for a different look.
So there we have it, my nail picks for spring and summer 2014,
do you have a perfect polish for summer? let me know in the comments

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