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18 April 2014

Take Me Away | Outfit Post

Lace Kimono- Select
Coral vest- Select
High waist acid wash jeans- Primark
Floral bag- Select
Jelly shoes- Select

The weather has been glorious today and the best part? I have the whole weekend off! I can't wait, it have a few bits planned over the weekend, starting with tonight I am going to a wedding reception. I am looking forward to the fact I can enjoy a drink and not worry about having to get up for work the next day.
I have bought a few nice summer inspired clothing items recently, a couple of pretty kimonos, this one from select was only £12.99 which I couldn't believe! I paired it with a bright coral vest to add a nice pop of colour.
The acid wash jeans were only £10.00 from Primark, I don't often stray from black jeans as I find light wash jeans don't flatter me very well. Sadly I was not blessed with long gazelle like legs. However I personally feel the high waist gives the illusion of longer legs and I feel comfortable wearing these without feeling self-conscious.
I caved into buying some jelly shoes, for a while I couldn't make up my mind whether I thought they were ugly or cool. I decided to buy them anyway and do actually think they look really nice paired with jeans. I don't know if I would push the boat out with a more vibrant colour, but the idea of some white ones is appealing.
Hope you all are looking forward to the Easter weekend, eat lots of chocolate and have fun!
What do you think of jelly shoes? fashionable or ugly?

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