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6 April 2014

The Sunday Post

Sunday's should be for relaxing.

Who agrees? I like to spend my Sunday with my family, and a trip to the gym in the afternoon is always necessary after a yummy roast!

If you haven't noticed already Sundays are also for walks in my eyes, me and my dad like to go for a long walk in the early afternoon. Unfortunately I alternate Sundays at work so next Sunday it shall be spent there. When its summer and I have my Sunday off I am hoping to fill them with picnics, pub gardens and lovely evening strolls (lets pray for good weather!).

Here are a few snapshots of my Sunday.

My outfit of the day. I have had a little play with editing, what do you reckon?
Pussy cat, Pussy cat, I love you, yes I do.
One happy little doggy.
Spring blooms.
One man (dad) and his dog.

So there is a little peek of my Sunday, I'm currently getting ready for the gym now to hopefully work off my Sunday belly! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, they go far too quickly for my liking.
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