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25 May 2014

The Sunday Post

So here we are again, Sunday has rolled around in its usual sneaky manner. The weather this week has been a little rocky, some sun made its' way to us but it has mainly been a series of humid days and heavy showers.

I have decided that I needed a little lifestyle adjustment and have embarked on a healthy eating kick, I wouldn't say I needed to lose lots of weight but I was feeling slightly uncomfortable in my skin and decided I needed to take action. I haven't done anything dramatic, I've just cut out crisps and chocolate and made sure I get as much water and fruit a day as I can, also I shared with you my healthy ice lollies if any of you fancied a healthy alternative to a sweet cold treat. So far so good, I have lost 5lb. Ideally I would like to lose another 5lb so I shall let you know how I get on with it.

I have also been making a conscious effort with how I spend my time when I'm not at work, I feel like you need to make the most of your spare time so I have been out a lot enjoying the sun when it makes its appearance!

I finally decided to pluck up the courage and try out the 'milkmaid' braid. I have seen this style crop up on blogs everywhere and I have always loved how it looks on other people, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and I actually got quite a few compliments too! I may just wear it like this again.

More exciting things happened this week, our InterRail passes arrived! It's now only 7 weeks until we set off on our month long travels around Europe and to be perfectly honest I have never been so excited!! Also as a little side note it is 6 weeks until my 21st birthday too, I have began planning what I'm going to do. I didn't want a huge party so instead I am planning on having a pre-party at mine with cake and champagne and then heading out into the city to dance the night away with my friends.

Well that's about all I have to share this week, I have had the weekend off work so I spent it preparing posts and spending time with my Fiancé. I hope you all have had a lovely week :)

What have you been up to this weekend?

20 May 2014

Home Decor Haul

So you may have read in my previous posts that somewhere in the near future I am planning on moving out, therefore I have been going a little home décor mad lately and thought I would share with you what I have been buying!

Now I have only included the décor bits as I don't think you will be interested in seeing pots and pans, which I have been buying. I actually got really excited the other day over pegs when I realised the ones I bought have little hearts on them, you may think I'm sad, but they are super cute.

Most of these items (in fact nearly all) were from a store local to me called Pound Stretcher or Home Bargains, cheap and cheerful. Also mini disclaimer I did buy all these with my own money :)

So here are a few of my purchases:

-Floral Chalkboard- Home Bargains: I Love This! I'm thinking of using it either for to-do tasks or meal planning, not quite decided yet!

- Owl Candles- Pound Stretcher- These were just too cute to ignore, I don't think I will be able to burn these. I just love them too much, I'm thinking of using them for décor purposes instead.

- ''King of the castle'' and ''Her Ladyship'' Mugs- Pound Stretcher- These are  hilarious and my other half is history mad so I just couldn't leave these in the store.

- Hanging Hearts- Pound Stretcher- What can I say they are adorable!!

- Home Hooks- Pound Stretcher- These will come in handy to hang guests coats or the jacket I am using most at the time.

- White floral frame- Card Factory- Now Card Factory is not somewhere you would expect to find home bits but this cute frame was only £2.99 and I love to have pictures up around the house.

- Glass Mason Jars- Pound Stretcher- I love these, I can't make up my mind whether to use them for beauty storage or have them in the kitchen filled with yummy sweets, any ideas?

- Cherry Vanilla Yankee Mini Candles- ASDA- These smell incredible, I'm obsessed with the red velvet but these are something else. If you love sweet fruity scents then you will want these!

Well there we have it, some of the little trinkets I have been buying lately for my future home, I can't wait until I can put them up instead of having to store them away. They are too pretty to be in boxes don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed reading

18 May 2014

The Sunday Post

  Another week has flown by in a flurry of sunny days, all of which were spent at work for me! It has been a very stressful, busy and hot week. However, I was determined to get my share of the glorious sunshine, so I ventured out with my Fiancé for an evening walk, ice cream and a few drinks Saturday night. Then today was spent at work again, it was busy, again. I managed to force myself to take the dog for a long walk despite my feet feeling like they are falling off.

Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather, just not when I'm stuck in doors watching everyone else enjoying it. I am hoping next months pay makes up for it, I will certainly be spending some pennies. That is a fact.

This week I have been rocking the white nails, I think with my fake tan on they make me look even more brown. I love how neat and bright it makes my nails look whilst not being too in your face. If you haven't guessed already I am slightly obsessed with all things monochrome, now I know summer is here and I should be inserting more colour into my outfits but I just can't help wanting to wear black and white with a red lip (Ruby Woo by MAC is my favourite). I think it is a fail safe option and if I do get a bit chilly I can layer the look with my multitude of blazers.

I thought I would share with you my slice of sunshine, outside of work.


As you can see I was a little over excited about all the baby birds! I love ducklings, that mother duck must be one busy bird with 9 little ones to keep an eye on!!
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend,
leave me a comment letting me know what you have been up to!!

11 May 2014

The Sunday Post

You're going to get sick of hearing (reading) me say this, but I just can't believe where the weeks are going? Another Sunday post already?! that can't be right. I just feel like the days are flying by, I don't know if it's because I have been working a lot or what but I have to keep reminding myself that it's May already. I'm 21 in 8 weeks time and in 9 weeks time I will be setting off on my month long trip, I still have so much to organise and sort out and keep thinking I have ages. Well if the weeks continue to pass at the rate they have been it will be here before I have even bought my backpack! Haha.

This week has been a fairly quiet one it was my friends 21st Birthday on Wednesday so I popped round to hers for tea and cake, and to wish her a Happy Birthday of course! The rest of the week has been a little boring, the weather being the main cause. All it seems to do is rain! I'm hoping the sun will return too so I can get out and about on my days off, rather than sitting on the sofa at home watching re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians! Guilty pleasure of mine right there. I have been reaching for red lips again, I just can't help myself. Also I picked up those beautiful gold bracelets for the bargainous (is that a word?) price of £2.50 in the sale at Select, I love how simple they are.

Well I shall keep this post short and sweet as to not bore you all to death, hope you have had an interesting week yourselves. Let me know in the comments what you have been up to.

8 May 2014

Wishlist #2

1. Blue wrap dress- new look- £24.99
2. Lime green shorts- new look- £14.99
3. Lime necklace- river island- £12.00
4. White slouchy cardigan- asda- £14.00
5. White chunky heels- New look- £24.99
6. White crochet skirt- select- £10.00
7. Lime green blazer- new looks- £24.99
8. Neon lime trim bag- New Look- £19.99
So, I know what you're thinking.. wow those are very summery items. I know, I know, just lately the weather in England has took a turn for the worse and it has pretty much rained everyday this week. I just couldn't help myself, I have been loving the all white look with subtle hints of Lime. Well I say subtle.. the blazer is not what most of you would call subtle! However, I envisioned it being paired with a beautiful, structured, crisp white dress and a cute pair of flat sandals.
I am a blazer girl at heart but I can't resist the comfiness of a large over sized slouchy cardigan, this one from Asda looks so super comfy and can be thrown on over denim shorts and a vest if the weather drops a little cooler (ambitious thinking that it might get hot?)
I have been pretty busy with work lately as I now work full-time! That combined with the awful weather we have been getting has made the outfit and fashion side of my little blog suffer. I am actually quite upset that I haven't had the opportunity to get some outfit snaps for you but I promise to get one up soon!
I've noticed that my style recently has taken a nod towards the clean, structured, classic look of simple non-fussy items. In summer you just can't beat a simple white blazer and a floaty dress.
Does your style change with the season?

7 May 2014

Primark P.S Love Pallette | A Review

It is undeniable that I have a bit of an obsession with neutral eye shadow palettes, from the pricier Naked 1,2 &3 to the cheaper Avon and Beauty UK palettes I just can't seem to get enough of them. Therefore when I was doing my usual peruse around Primark I couldn't help but have a stop by their new make-up line. That's when I caught sight of this palette, 8 neutral shadows for £2.50? Straight into the basket!

Now I have to admit for £2.50 I wasn't expecting a lot from the palette, however I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of  the shadows. Now the pigmentation is nowhere near the standards of the Naked Palette, but again what do you expect for the fraction of the price. The shades provide a semi-sheer tint of colour, which is perfect for day wear in which you don't want too much colour coverage.

The packaging is quite nice too, I'm not too pleased about the sticker with the price running along the top as if you peel it off it leaves a sticky residue. Hence the reason I have left it on. Other than that minor irritant the packaging is sleek with its' black and gold design.

Overall, if you are after a cheap and cheerful set of neutral shadows then this palette fits the bill. However, if you love a more opaque shadow then it probably would not be suitable. This palette is amazing value for money and I think I will get a lot of day wear out of it.

Have you tried any of the Primark P.S Love range?

4 May 2014

The Sunday Post

1. Cherry Blossom
2. Admiring the view
3. Atmospheric clouds
4. Date night
5. Wedding reception make-up
6. Blue sky day
7. My current favourite lipsticks
8. Two best friends (tilly and sooty)
9. Me and the Mr
Another week has passed again, time seems to be flying by! Sadly this Sunday was spent at work so for this weeks Sunday post I thought I would give you a little round up of what I have got up to.
Most of the week was spent working, no rest for the wicked. However, I did manage to sneak in a cheeky shopping trip midweek to pick up some clothes and beauty supplies.

Friday night was date night, we decided to have a few drinks and go to the cinema. We went to Studio One first for some yummy cocktails, well for me, the other half stuck to a manly beer. Then we decided to go and see Pompeii in 3D, which as some of you Game of Thrones fans will know has Jon Snow in. It was a really good film and I would highly recommend it, plenty of action and a good story line to go with it.

It's another Bank holiday again this week, one of which I once again miss because of work. I'm currently writing this post whilst sat watching Oz: The great and powerful contemplating what to wear tomorrow and how quick I can do my make-up so I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed. I sound like a ninety year old woman! Ha Ha.

Anyway this was more of a little rambly post just to catch up with you all. I have actually hit 100 followers now, so I just wanted to thank all of you who take the time to read, comment and share my posts. It really means a lot to me and I love reading your comments, it's the best pick me up.

Have you been up to anything good this week?

2 May 2014

Spring & Summer Style Staples

My Spring and Summer style changes every year depending on what weather we are experiencing, where I am going but also how I feel in myself. However what I have noticed is there are a few reoccurring patterns that I deem my staples. I thought this post would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my style staples for this Spring and Summer season.

1. Oversized Sunnies

I love to wear oversized sunglasses. I have struggled to find pairs in the past that suit my face shape, however, I feel these ones fit the bill. Also I don't know about you but I think my eyes are probably the best feature on my face and sometimes covering them up makes me feel like I am hiding them. Although, I do find that whenever you see someone else rocking the oversized sunglasses look they appear mysterious and chic. I'm not sure I pull this off, but we can try!

2. Cute Clutches

These two clutch bags are my current favourites, they are both from select and cost around £8.00 which is such a bargain! I love the bright coral clutch with my navy or black ensembles as it just adds a sophisticated pop of colour. The 3D floral clutch looks great with my more brighter clothes and I think the flowers are so cute and feminine. When the weather warms up it's nice not to have to carry around a huge bag.

3. Bold Lips

When the sun comes out and the shades come on I like to play up my lips even more than usual. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I have a passion for a statement lip, I love them! So summer gives you the chance to play with fuchsia pinks and striking corals.

4. Floral prints

Floral will always be in for Spring and Summer weather it be girly ditzy floral or out there tropical prints I think they are such a fun pattern to add to a simple outfit. recently my passion for floral kimonos has grown so I am on the look out to add to my collection.

5. Statement necklaces

Ughhh (swoons) I adore statement jewellery, almost as much as a bold lip! Woahh yes I went there! I think necklaces add such a different feel to an outfit. Chunky chains can toughen up a pretty dress or neon sparkles can add some colour, either way they are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

What are your spring and summer style staples?
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