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4 May 2014

The Sunday Post

1. Cherry Blossom
2. Admiring the view
3. Atmospheric clouds
4. Date night
5. Wedding reception make-up
6. Blue sky day
7. My current favourite lipsticks
8. Two best friends (tilly and sooty)
9. Me and the Mr
Another week has passed again, time seems to be flying by! Sadly this Sunday was spent at work so for this weeks Sunday post I thought I would give you a little round up of what I have got up to.
Most of the week was spent working, no rest for the wicked. However, I did manage to sneak in a cheeky shopping trip midweek to pick up some clothes and beauty supplies.

Friday night was date night, we decided to have a few drinks and go to the cinema. We went to Studio One first for some yummy cocktails, well for me, the other half stuck to a manly beer. Then we decided to go and see Pompeii in 3D, which as some of you Game of Thrones fans will know has Jon Snow in. It was a really good film and I would highly recommend it, plenty of action and a good story line to go with it.

It's another Bank holiday again this week, one of which I once again miss because of work. I'm currently writing this post whilst sat watching Oz: The great and powerful contemplating what to wear tomorrow and how quick I can do my make-up so I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed. I sound like a ninety year old woman! Ha Ha.

Anyway this was more of a little rambly post just to catch up with you all. I have actually hit 100 followers now, so I just wanted to thank all of you who take the time to read, comment and share my posts. It really means a lot to me and I love reading your comments, it's the best pick me up.

Have you been up to anything good this week?

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