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18 May 2014

The Sunday Post

  Another week has flown by in a flurry of sunny days, all of which were spent at work for me! It has been a very stressful, busy and hot week. However, I was determined to get my share of the glorious sunshine, so I ventured out with my Fiancé for an evening walk, ice cream and a few drinks Saturday night. Then today was spent at work again, it was busy, again. I managed to force myself to take the dog for a long walk despite my feet feeling like they are falling off.

Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather, just not when I'm stuck in doors watching everyone else enjoying it. I am hoping next months pay makes up for it, I will certainly be spending some pennies. That is a fact.

This week I have been rocking the white nails, I think with my fake tan on they make me look even more brown. I love how neat and bright it makes my nails look whilst not being too in your face. If you haven't guessed already I am slightly obsessed with all things monochrome, now I know summer is here and I should be inserting more colour into my outfits but I just can't help wanting to wear black and white with a red lip (Ruby Woo by MAC is my favourite). I think it is a fail safe option and if I do get a bit chilly I can layer the look with my multitude of blazers.

I thought I would share with you my slice of sunshine, outside of work.


As you can see I was a little over excited about all the baby birds! I love ducklings, that mother duck must be one busy bird with 9 little ones to keep an eye on!!
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend,
leave me a comment letting me know what you have been up to!!

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