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25 May 2014

The Sunday Post

So here we are again, Sunday has rolled around in its usual sneaky manner. The weather this week has been a little rocky, some sun made its' way to us but it has mainly been a series of humid days and heavy showers.

I have decided that I needed a little lifestyle adjustment and have embarked on a healthy eating kick, I wouldn't say I needed to lose lots of weight but I was feeling slightly uncomfortable in my skin and decided I needed to take action. I haven't done anything dramatic, I've just cut out crisps and chocolate and made sure I get as much water and fruit a day as I can, also I shared with you my healthy ice lollies if any of you fancied a healthy alternative to a sweet cold treat. So far so good, I have lost 5lb. Ideally I would like to lose another 5lb so I shall let you know how I get on with it.

I have also been making a conscious effort with how I spend my time when I'm not at work, I feel like you need to make the most of your spare time so I have been out a lot enjoying the sun when it makes its appearance!

I finally decided to pluck up the courage and try out the 'milkmaid' braid. I have seen this style crop up on blogs everywhere and I have always loved how it looks on other people, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and I actually got quite a few compliments too! I may just wear it like this again.

More exciting things happened this week, our InterRail passes arrived! It's now only 7 weeks until we set off on our month long travels around Europe and to be perfectly honest I have never been so excited!! Also as a little side note it is 6 weeks until my 21st birthday too, I have began planning what I'm going to do. I didn't want a huge party so instead I am planning on having a pre-party at mine with cake and champagne and then heading out into the city to dance the night away with my friends.

Well that's about all I have to share this week, I have had the weekend off work so I spent it preparing posts and spending time with my Fiancé. I hope you all have had a lovely week :)

What have you been up to this weekend?

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