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9 May 2014

White Leather


Top- New Look
White faux Leather Jacket- Select
Black Skinny Jeans- Select
Necklace- Primark

Sound The Alarms! I have actually managed to do an outfit post! wheeyy! I was pretty pleased with this post as it doesn't look too bad to say I had just finished an 8 hour shift and got rained on. I have been loving white clothing items just lately, whether it be tops, jackets, blazers or even nail polish. I really love the sophisticated look of white trousers too, but if I am ever to pull those off some more time in the gym is necessary!

Instead I have settled for this beautiful white faux leather jacket, I think it adds a touch of sophistication but it has a much more casual vibe than a blazer. I love to pair white with either pastels or just plain black pieces, it just creates such an amazing look with a simple tone.

I know some of you may think the outfit is too simple or plain but I just think you can't go wrong with white and pastels for spring and summer they are so easy to wear just keep away from bright cocktails !

Hopefully I will be able to get more outfit posts up soon! Weather permitting.. where has this rain come from? I think it has gotten confused, April has passed, No more showers please!!

Will you be wearing white this summer?
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