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29 June 2014

The Sunday Post

This weekend has been full of celebrations, I have been to two 21st birthdays, an engagement party and tonight I'm off to a house warming party! I'm telling you it has been all go, and my liver currently hates me after playing drinking games..woops! The celebrations kicked off as they meant to go on with some delicious cocktails and some good company.

I thought I would share a snippet of my weekend, most pictures were horrendous, these select few made the cut!

I'm trying to be a better blogger however with a full time job, social life, birthday and upcoming trip I have found it really difficult to take the time to blog. This actually really upsets me as I love blogging but unfortunately other things in my life require a tad more attention. I do however have a few planned posts in the works surrounding my trip around Europe and I can't wait to share them with you.

Sorry for such a short post, my week was boring in comparison to my hectic weekend! Hopefully the pictures make up for it.

Hope you've all had a good weekend

22 June 2014

The Sunday Post

So some of you may have noticed I have been a bit MIA on my blog this week, I normally aim to post at least 3 times a week. I try to aim for 1 beauty, 1 fashion and 1 lifestyle post, which in fairness can be quite hard! However this week it has been especially difficult as I have been unwell with a mystery pain, and even after a doctors appointment at 11.20pm on Saturday night I am still none the wiser to what the cause can be. Despite this I was not going to let my weekend go to waste, a few paracetemol later and I was ready to face the day.

I will warn you now, this is a picture heavy post, a picture tells 1000 words, this could be a trilogy!

Saturday evening we went out for my Fiancé's mum's Birthday to a little country pub. We tucked in to a delicious meal and had a few drinks.

Then despite my little night time adventure to the out of hours doctor, I was still up and at them Sunday morning for a 6 mile walk around Lady Bower Dam, which is an hour and a half drive from me. The views are stunning! Definitely a photographers dream. I got a little snap happy so here is the view from my eyes/lens.

After walking our legs off for 3 hours in the sun we stopped for a picnic and a cheeky ice cream. The perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday. I'm now sat catching up on reading blog posts and watching youtube videos. Once again sorry for the lateness of this post!

Hope you've had a good week!

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