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10 June 2014

Sunset Tropics

Dress- Peacocks
Blazer- Primark

  So this Sunday I went to watch a band play at a local club, Hallows Day, I thought I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get a little dressed up. However, we have had really unusual weather just lately. It has been humid and warm yet absolutely miserable. So choosing what to wear has been a nightmare, should you wear less to be able to bare the humidity and risk getting drenched? Or do you cover up, sweating away yet keep dry. I decided on a mix, a nice cotton floaty dress to keep me cool yet tights and a jacket to keep me dry.

Also please excuse my random bit of hair sticking up that refused to be pinned down and also my squinty eye from the camera flash, does anyone else's eyes do this?! I wanted to include some close ups of my make-up, albeit they are not the most flattering, they were the best of a bad bunch. I am wearing my current favourite lip product the Rimmel Apocalips in ''Stellar''. I just love the bright bold colour of it and I think it really compliments the colours in my dress.

All in all it was a lovely evening in good company with good music. What could be better?

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