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1 June 2014

The Sunday Post

Hello Everyone!

Another Sunday has dawned on us, whilst my week was the usual work, work, work, this weekend I actually did some nice things! woo 10 points to social life. My close friend is going away to do Camp America and travel for 4 months so she had a little gathering at hers to say goodbye. It was a lovely evening with lots of our friends coming together and having a BBQ and a few cheeky drinks. The weather wasn't what you would call warm
but it was dry to say the least! I wore my white Primark blazer, grey check shirt and some acid wash high waist jeans. I wanted to go smart casual and was pretty pleased with what I managed to put together.

The following evening (Saturday) me and the girls went out for our friends belated 21st birthday. We went to Chiquitos which is a lovely Mexican restaurant, the food is absolutely delicious and best of all you can get 25% of with student discount if you apply on their website! I was a little indulgent (Woops!) and opted for five bean chilli enchiladas for my main and then for dessert I had a beautiful slice of lemon drizzle cake. How could you say no to a dessert? I'm the type of girl who would for go the starter just to ensure I had my pudding.

For the birthday meal I decided to wear my bright coral blazer to enhance what would have been an all black outfit. Again the weather wasn't amazing but I wanted to inject a bit of summer into my outfit and this blazer was the perfect piece to do so. I own my fair share of blazers, so if any of you would be interested in seeing my collection it is definitely something I could do.

Overall it has been a really lovely weekend, spent in such great company. I managed to get a few snippets of it in picture form so I thought I would share them with you.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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