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31 August 2014

Lazy Girl's Lemon Drizzle Cake

So you have a spare hour on a Sunday afternoon?

Well then, this recipe is the one for you! It's a lazy girl's lemon drizzle cake, lazy because it's just so easy to make.

You will need:

225g Butter
225g Caster Sugar
225g Self-Raising flour
4 eggs
Lemon Juice
Granulated sugar

What to do:

For the cake:

1. Grease your baking tin, or use greaseproof paper

2. Measure and add all your ingredients into one bowl, stir well until mixture thickens

3. Pop into oven on 180/gas mark 4 and leave to bake for 30 minutes. Keep checking and use a skewer, if your cake is cooked when you stab the cake with the skewer it should come out clean.

For the topping (my favourite part):

1. Take cake out of oven and leave to cool

2. Using a fork stab holes into the top of the cake, evenly all over.

3. Take a bowl and roughly pour 50g of granulated sugar into it, keep adding drops of lemon juice until a paste forms.

4. Pour all over the cake.

Time to eat!!

Just so easy! It's the perfect recipe for all bakers, novice and expert. I'm very much a novice at this stage but hoping to improve on this- watch out Great British Bake Off!

Let me know if you have a go at making this
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