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24 August 2014

Oh Vienna

Although we had a short and rainy stint in Vienna we still managed to encapsulate how stunning the city is.

We saw the SchonBrun Palace and also the beautiful gardens. I'm sure the grass isn't real but you aren't allowed to walk on it, so we will never know. There was something unnatural about how brightly coloured it all was, especially on such a dull and dreary morning.

It's no secret that I love animals and therefore I managed to twist the other halfs arm into taking me to the zoo. Now I know that zoos are a touchy subject and that not everyone agrees with them, but a lot of zoos are open to help conserve species that in the wild may be killed by poaching. I just love to go look at all the different animals and hope one year soon we will go to Africa for a safari (cross fingers) to see them in their natural habitat.

We also stumbled across a lovely pub when we were on the hunt for dinner called Wiener Stadtbrau, although in summer it is tempting to sit outside I would highly recommend sitting inside here, its like something out of a myth with a huge tree in the centre of the room and all lights hanging off of it, very magical. We ordered a few random dishes to share which was lovely.

My travel posts are almost at an end now, just two more to share. I hope you have enjoyed them, if not then normal posting will resume next Saturday!

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