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14 August 2014

Picturesque Paris

I'm back home after a month of gallivanting all over Europe. It has been the most amazing month and I had a mixture of emotions when I arrived home, glad to see my family and marvel in telling them tales from our trip, but also sad that it was all over and normality was due to set back in pretty quickly.

The first stop on our European expedition was Paris, only an hour flight from home and yet we had never been. To put it frankly I was beyond excited, I love everything French; the scrumptious cakes, the laid back coffee lifestyle and the impeccable French fashion. It was my mecca.

It also photographed amazingly.

Of course our first port of call was the Eiffel Tower, a trip to Paris would be lost without seeing such an iconic symbol. We decided that we wanted more than to just look at it and bit the bullet queuing for around 2 hours to go up it. The views were worth every minute.

We also ate like kings, feasting on whatever Paris' Patisseries had to offer us, with the obligatory macaroon of course! However, I got mine from Paul's, a large delicious strawberry macaroon for just 3.00 euro! I know Laudree is the choice for many bloggers but I just think it is overpriced- don't shoot me! Also, you must have the nutella crepes! very messy to eat but absolutely scrumptious, yum, yum, yum.

Another must see monument on our list was the Louvre, not only is it home to some amazing paintings and sculptures, the building is a spectacle in itself. The glass pyramid design is so beautiful, especially when glinting away in the summer sun.

 May I also add that if you are from the EU and are under 26, providing you have ID, the Louvre is free! Yep, you heard me, FREE! Perfect for our backpacker budgets.

I won't lie, there were two things on my must see list at the Louvre, I bet you can guess! Yes that's right, the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Guilty as charged!

The sightseeing continued as we made our way along the Champ Elysee to the Arc de Triomphe.

We also made a quick visit to the Notre Dame, sadly there was no hunchback in site, Maybe he and Esmeralda moved to the country.

And so, after a cheeky trip to Sephora (Haul Post will be coming soon!) Our time in picturesque Paris came to an end. Our next destination? Barcelona!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to getting back to blogging regularly!

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