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23 October 2014

Black Swan Halloween Tutorial

Black Swan

 This is actually a quick, simple yet effective Halloween look, only got a small amount of time to get ready or not enough money to splash out on fancy dress? This is the look for you.

You will need:

-Black liquid eyeliner pen (I used a primark one!)
-white face paint
- Dark red lipstick
- Black eye shadow

That's it!

Halloween Costume

1. To start, apply your white face paint all over your face, make sure you go around your eyes and nostrils thoroughly!

2. To create the appearance of strong cheek bones, take an angled blusher brush and apply black eye shadow to the hollows of your cheeks.

3. Time to get creative, taking your liquid eyeliner pen, start at the middle of your nose and trace all the way up to the start of the eyebrow. Create a point as you join the liner from the middle of the nose to the inner corner of your eye. Now draw along the top of the brow and underneath the eye, leave the outer eye and eyebrow open.

4. All in the detail now, start by drawing little semi-circle shapes in a row, over lapping the as you go, fill in the whole eye. This creates the illusion of feathers.

5. Once you reach the outer corner of the eye extend the last semi-circles into flicks, overlap these too create a more rustic look.

6. You could apply red contacts, but I would prefer not to so instead I have used a thin eyeliner brush to apply red lipstick to the waterline of my lower lashes.

7. The lips, apply your dark red lipstick and shade the outer edges with the black liner.

Et Voila! Your very own Black Swan make-up look.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick and easy Halloween make up look! Let me know if you tried it out yourself.
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