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7 October 2014

Demonic Dolly | Halloween Tutorial

Hello October, you came around quick! Seeing as we are now 1 week into October I thought I would share with you a few themed posts; including a couple of make-up looks and some ghoulishly good goodies. See what I did there?

To kick start the Halloween theme I thought I would share a fairly straightforward but very effective make-up look.

You will need:

-White face paint
-Pink blusher
- Dark red/plum lipstick
-False lashes
-Fake blood

First you are going to need to create the ''doll-like'' porcelain skin. Take a 50p sized amount of white face paint and mix it with a 20p sized amount of your usual foundation. I find this helps the face paint apply more evenly. Remember to cover your lips and blend well around the nostrils.

Next you are going to want to apply your pink blusher, any bright pink or red blush will do the job. Swirl this into the apples of your cheeks creating very opaque circles. You can now draw in your eyebrows, either using a pencil liner or liquid. I opted for a black liquid liner from Primark as I find the shiny effect it gives looks almost wax like.

Onto the lips! Take a dark plum or red lipstick and apply in an almost heart-like shape on the lips, missing out the corners of the mouth, this creates a permanent pouting effect.

You can now go on to add the smaller details of the look. I chose to apply some very dramatic eyelashes, Asda's own brand. I also bought the stick on stiches from Asda too for just £3.00, however you could easily draw these on using your liquid liner from earlier. Finally add a few splatters of fake blood and your look is complete!

There you have it! One very demonic dolly.

Did you enjoy this Halloween look?
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