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27 October 2014

Fashion | Salt & Pepper

Hat- Select
Roll neck top- New Look
Salt&Pepper cardigan- Select
Tartan skirt- Asda
Boots- Peacocks
Another weekend has flown by, another week has begun. I wore this outfit for our usual Sunday stroll through the fields. I love the mix of patterns with the chunky knit cardigan and tartan wool skirt. I think the colours are very autumn appropriate with the berry hue mixed with grey and black.
I love hats but always chicken out of wearing them, so I thought I would be braver and attempt to pull it off, how do you think it looks? I'm still coming around to the idea of them. I always see other girls wearing them and think that they look so nice and really bring an outfit together, but when it comes to wearing one myself I shy away.
It's still fairly mild to say that October is drawing to an end, I can get away with not having to wear a coat. I'm pleased but sad about this at the same time, I like to be able to show off what I'm wearing but also I have a nice coat collection going on at the minute and none of them have made their debut as it is just too warm! Who'd have thought I would be saying that!
I don't know if you can tell in these pictures as I'm wearing the hat but I have had my hair done, I have had 4 inches cut off! I have tried to grow my hair for a long time and it was finally long, but all it ever did was knot together, took ages to dry, and was forever frizzy. It was time to make a stand. I sat in the chair and told them, I wanted lowlights and highlights and I wanted a good cut. That is exactly what I got and in all honesty I am so pleased with how it turned out. There have been plenty of times I have left a hairdressers feeling a little deflated, but not this time.
I thought I would also include some candid photos that my dad took of me playing with our dog. She loves a good walk and if there is a stick involved it is all the more fun.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit and a little peak into how I spent my Sunday!
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