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19 October 2014

Working 9-5

I have been working almost everyday recently, and let me say it is taking its toll. I finally got a day off yesterday (Saturday) and decided to treat myself to a nice ''little'' shopping trip.

Amongst the mountain of things I bought was this tartan check dress. I love the scallop detailing around the bottom.

It just gives the dress a little more of an edge.

I paired it with thick wooly tights, a long duster cardigan and a black and gold necklace.

And my Michael Kors bag got a cheeky outing too, I try and save it for special occasions but how could I resist its' loveliness.

Another sneaky purchase were THESE boots..

Let's just take a moment to appreciate their beauty.

They remind me of some I have seen in Topshop, however these little beauties cost just £20 from Select so were a fraction of the price! I love the mock croc effect as I think it just makes them that bit more interesting than your standard pair of black winter boots.

There we have it folks, some very naughty purchases but there are just too many nice things about at the minute.. I can hear my bank balance crying. There will be more new purchases coming up in my future outfit posts, so keep an eye out for those!

Longline Cardigan- Select
Tartan scallop Dress- Select
Bag- Michael Kors
Necklace- Peacocks
Watch- Michael Kors
Boots- Select
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