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23 November 2014

Lifestyle | We Went to a Christmas Market

christmas market

On Saturday me and my other half decided it was time to start the big Christmas shop, we donned our coats, hopped on the train and prepared to tackle the crowds.

It was a momentous task, it was absolutely jam packed in every shop we went in, Topshop and Boots being the worst! We decided that we needed a break mid way through and thought why not mosey around the Christmas market and get a drink and a bite to eat while we're there. That's exactly what we did!

christmas market

Although we didn't escape the crowds it was refreshing to be out in the open rather than squashed into a humid busy shop. We mooched around the little cabins that were selling everything from fudge to little wooden plaques before deciding on getting something to eat.

christmas market

After gorging ourselves on some yummy food; Beef & Chilli hot dogs and Steakhouse chips with curry ketchup! (If anyone knows where to buy this let me know) we made our way over to the outdoor Wetherspoon's for a much needed drink.

I opted for hot apple with a slice of orange and a sprig of cinnamon while the Mr had a pint, which he thought he deserved for putting up with me looking at make-up and clothes!

It definitely lifted my spirits and got me excited for Christmas. Refreshed and Re-energised we battled on with the rest of the shopping.

Have you started your Christmas shop yet?

19 November 2014

Lifestyle | Nottingham Blogger Meet-Up


On Saturday 15th November I had the pleasure of attending the Nottingham Blogger Meet-Up or #Bloggerssecretsanta14 as it was known as. The Meet-Up was organised by the Lovely Hannah (HannerKing) and Em (DinosBeauty).

Me and my friend Becca (xBeccaBe) Headed down on the tram to Ned Lunn where the meet was taking place. We were lead to a room upstairs that the girls had decorated beautifully, you could tell a lot of thought and energy had been put into this event.

Ned Lunn

The Tables were set with Candy canes and Crackers to enforce the Secret Santa side of our meet, it was the perfect décor for the event. We were given a welcome drink and then took to our seats ready for the first speaker to begin.

The First Speaker was Ian (Known as the Friendly Guy, so true!). He had two Products which he wanted to talk to us about. The first one being The Ultimate Fix, a nail setting spray with a twist in technology.

The Ultimate Fix

The trick with this product is to apply to all coats of your polish, not just the last one! A review will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

The second Product Ian spoke about was the Hello Breath Spray, A newer product with a take on the old-style breath freshening sprays but brought into a modern era with brilliant packaging and new flavours! Again a review shall follow this post soon.

Hello Breath Spray

The second speaker was Lekha from a  skincare brand named MeruMaya which she informed us actually derived from a combination of special family members' names. I absolutely love the concept behind this and think it makes the brand much more personable.

Lekha was very interactive and informative in the way she spoke about MeruMaya, she explained that the brand is very honest in the way they advertise and the ingredients that they use. She passed around each of the products for us to try and get a feel of. All of which smelt beautiful!

Here she is testing out one of the products on our lovely host Hannah. MeruMaya were extremely generous, in the fact they gave us all some samples of the line to take home and try for ourselves. I am especially keen to try the Serum and the Melting Cleansing Balm which I've heard nothing but good things about.

Once Lekha had finished her excellent talk we had a mini interlude in which we ordered some food (I had a chickpea sandwich, it was that good I forgot to photograph it!), chatted amongst ourselves and prepared for Suzy's talk on the brand Xenca.

Suzy gave an amazing talk on nutrition and how it can affect us both on the inside and outside. The product she specifically spoke about is the Five a Day+ which is a nutrition powder containing some superfoods such as Chlorella and Spirulina. She also shared that through research it has been proven that using the Xenca Five a Day+ you can reduce your cellular age by 13.5 years! We got to sample some of the powder mixed with orange juice. At first I was sceptical just by the colour of it, but it actually tasted really good with the juice!

Xenca Five a Day+

I have currently trialled the Five a Day + for 4 days now and Suzy recommended that in over a week I should be able to see a differences in my energy levels. I cannot wait to share the results with you.

The fourth and final talk of the day were by one of my favourite brands, Lush. Holly, Ivy and Charlie did an excellent talk on the principles that Lush hold specifically in terms of their values against animal testing, one of the reasons I love Lush. After the talk we were able to get up and have a go at making our own Bath Bomb.

Lush Big Blue

I made a 'Big Blue', I can't wait to run a nice hot bath and use it!

Before Lush left they let us have a sneaky peek at their Christmas collection, one that really caught my eye was this 12 days of Christmas box, it's now added to my wish list...

We were really spoilt and were given a goodie bag full of amazing samples to go home and try!

The Blogger Programme

It Truly was an amazing day, especially being my first ever meet-up, I would like to thank Hannah and Em for organising the whole thing, they did such a brilliant job and it went perfectly. I hope to attend another one soon and meet some more of you fellow bloggers!

Have you ever been to a blogger meet-up?


15 November 2014

Lifestyle| We Went To a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

This Friday marked a very special occasion, the re-marriage of my Fiancé's Mum and Dad. I personally love a good wedding but this one was that just that bit more meaningful to us. We donned our best outfits, My skirt is Miss Selfridge and my top is Next, and we headed off to watch them get married.

The day was full of joy, tears and laughter as we watched two people re-connect and become a family once again. It was lovely to be a part of their moment as a future daughter-in-law and be able to see how happy they are together.

 We were surrounded by family and friends as we took to the streets for photographs, some of which I have used in this post that were taken by the wonderful Charlotte Bell ( who is just starting out in photography and she managed to get some stunning shots of the day.

After the formal ceremony we headed out for dinner at a local restaurant that had a fish & chip buffet night, right up my alley! We wined and dined ourselves into a food coma before heading off to party for the rest of the night.

The evening reception saw more dancing, drinking and eating. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Hope you all had a good Friday!


1 November 2014

Beauty | Vita Liberata NKD SKN Fake Tan Review*

Vita Liberata Fake Tan

I was recently contacted by the digital content executive over at Vita Liberata to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them in which they would pick and send me a product to try out. I love to pop on a bit of fake tan every now and then so decided to give the tan a go!

They picked and sent me the ''Tinted Tan Mousse'', which I was so pleased about as my most used fake tan is the St Moritz mousse. The packaging is very eye-catching and girly and easy to clean once you have done applying the tan.

So let's get down to the good stuff, what is the tan actually like? The claim is that there is 'zero smell, it is easy to apply, it dries instantly and it fades perfectly'.

I applied the tan before I went to bed and then showered in the morning. It was very easy to apply as the guide colour allows you to see if you have missed anywhere or if you have streaks. The colour is more of a red brown to my usual fake tan that has a more green undertone. The colour pay off is good and noticeable, however, I usually prefer to be a bit darker.

There is a slight fake tan smell but it isn't over baring and you would not notice if you just passed by. The tan dries quickly meaning that you can get dressed pretty soon after application which is always a benefit if you are in a hurry. So the claim is actually pretty accurate!

Overall I think the tan is really good and has a good likeness to my all time favourite tan St Moritz. If you fancy a change to your usual fake tan then I would definitely recommend checking out this one over at The lovely people at Vita Liberata have also given me a 45% off code to share with you so that you too can try out this tan! Just Enter FASHION45 at the check out to receive your discount.

Let me know if you try any of the range!
*The following product was gifted to me. All opinions shared within this post are my own.
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