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17 November 2014

Beauty | Tanya Burr False Lash Review

Tanya Burr Lashes

So it's probably no secret that Tanya Burr has launched her own line of false eyelashes. Being an avid wearer of them I was really excited to try out her range. As soon as they launched I  hopped onto FeelUnique as quickly as I could and put in an order.

The packaging of the lashes is really pretty and you can clearly see that Tanya has put her own stamp on the design front. The pricing of the lashes is extremely fair and affordable costing £5.49 which is similar to other eyelash brands such as Eylure. I think this is an excellent price point for Tanya's range as it's affordable to her younger audience.

In terms of accessibility you can find her range in most large Superdrug stores or online at both Superdrug and FeelUnique.

The best seller from what I can gather are the Bambi Eyes set, which had already sold out when I went to make my order. Instead after some debate I decided upon the pairs ''Pretty Lady'' and ''Date Night''.

Tanya Burr Lashes

The 'Pretty Lady' lashes give a lovely natural look to the eyes by simply adding volume to your existing lashes. They are fairly short to imitate the natural length of your own lashes but are densely packed to give a thicker appearance. I really like how comfortable these feel once they have set, you really can't tell that you even have any lashes on. I would say that if you are a daily false lash wearer these would be an excellent addition to your make-up drawer!

Tanya Burr Lashes

In comparison the 'Date Night' lashes are much longer than the Pretty Lady lashes, however, they are much more separated to give a flirty wispy look to the lashes. These are much more delicate  and have a really girly feel to them. They don't give a sultry look like you would expect from a date night lash but they certainly have an element of flirtatiousness to them, perfect for batting them at your date! Similarly to the Pretty Lady lashes these are very comfortable to wear but I would save these for a meal or evening look rather than everyday wear as the length makes them stand out much more than the Pretty Lady lashes do.

I would usually use a liquid liner before applying false eyelashes to ensure that you cannot see the line in which the lashes are attached, but for the purpose of the photographs I missed this step out. This allows you to get a better look at how the lashes sit next to your own.

Overall, I have tested both sets out at different events and have been really impressed with them. They stayed put all night long and there was no need for a quick toilet trip to stick them back down! The price and comfort level have me sold and I am looking forward to getting my hands on a few of the other pairs to see if they too live up to expectation. Well done Tanya!

Have you tried any of Tanya's new lash range?

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