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23 November 2014

Lifestyle | We Went to a Christmas Market

christmas market

On Saturday me and my other half decided it was time to start the big Christmas shop, we donned our coats, hopped on the train and prepared to tackle the crowds.

It was a momentous task, it was absolutely jam packed in every shop we went in, Topshop and Boots being the worst! We decided that we needed a break mid way through and thought why not mosey around the Christmas market and get a drink and a bite to eat while we're there. That's exactly what we did!

christmas market

Although we didn't escape the crowds it was refreshing to be out in the open rather than squashed into a humid busy shop. We mooched around the little cabins that were selling everything from fudge to little wooden plaques before deciding on getting something to eat.

christmas market

After gorging ourselves on some yummy food; Beef & Chilli hot dogs and Steakhouse chips with curry ketchup! (If anyone knows where to buy this let me know) we made our way over to the outdoor Wetherspoon's for a much needed drink.

I opted for hot apple with a slice of orange and a sprig of cinnamon while the Mr had a pint, which he thought he deserved for putting up with me looking at make-up and clothes!

It definitely lifted my spirits and got me excited for Christmas. Refreshed and Re-energised we battled on with the rest of the shopping.

Have you started your Christmas shop yet?

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