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13 December 2014

Beauty | Christmas Wonderland Nails

My standard 'Christmas' nails consist of either something red, something sparkly or something sparkly red. This time I thought I would have a go at something a bit different!

I picked up these pretty penguin false nails from Primark for just £1.00 and thought that they would be adorable for this time of year! I work in retail so a lot of people see my hands when I'm working and I like to try and keep my nails looking nice.

I decided to pair this Navy blue gel polish 'Iris Midnight' by Beauty UK with this silver glitter that came in a set from Primark (last year though!). Any blue/navy polish and glitter will do!

First paint one coat of the Navy polish all over the nails, and stick your Penguin on! You can choose any finger I just went for the ring finger.

To help the gel polish set I used the Ultimate Fix Nail Setting Spray*

I was gifted this spray at a recent blogging event and decided that this would be the perfect time to try it out. All you have to do is shake the can, hold it 30cm away from your nails and give them a spray. Do this for every coat in order to help them set. I found that my nails dried so much quicker than usual and there was no flapping the hands around or cursing when they smudged. I'm really impressed!

Add Some silver glitter to the tips of the nails and give them another spray of the Ultimate Fix setting spray, Et Voila! Perfect Pretty Penguin nails for this festive season!

Does any one else struggle painting one hand!? as you can see from the odd navy splodge I certainly do haha.
Do you try out something different on your nails at Christmas?
*This product was gifted to me at a recent blogger event. I was not asked to review the product and have not received anything for doing so. All the opinions I have given are my own honest observations.
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