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29 December 2014

Lifestyle | Christmas With Me

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, I had taken a little bloggers break this year just to take time to spend the festive week with my nearest and dearest. I'm back now with a little peak into how I spent Christmas this year.

It was a small affair but none the less lovely. We woke early Christmas morning and raced downstairs to open our gifts (What I got for Christmas post coming soon!), once we had opened all of ours it was the animals turn to open there's! Tilly (our dog) has never been so excited, she was thrilled with her toys and spoilt for choice as to what to play with first!

Once the excitement of opening our gifts had subsided a little we settled down for breakfast whilst organising the table and starting the dinner preparations. I love the smell of Christmas dinner cooking, the pans bubbling away and festive music playing in the background. It's my favourite part of the day.

My Dad made his scrumptious home made Yorkshire puddings and put on lashings of gravy, as you can see! I had the vegetarian version of our Christmas dinner (I didn't get a photo of mine!) and it was delicious! After we had stuffed ourselves silly we had a little relax, I read my new book and my Dad had Top of the Pops on the T.V.

Tilly was that exhausted from all of the excitement that she buried herself in her blankets before having a nap.

Some hours later we rallied ourselves round and set off for a post-dinner walk. The sunset was beautiful and I just had to stop and admire it. We ambled on for a while pottering over the fields trying to work off the huge amount we had just eaten before making our way back home.

Once we were back we cracked open the nibbles and sat down for an intense game of monopoly! I was terrible at it and ended up bankrupt not too far in to the game..oops!

There we have a peak into my cosy quiet Christmas.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

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