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4 December 2014

Beauty | *Xenca Five a Day+ Review

As some of you may recall from my previous post about the Nottingham Blogger meet-up I had heard a fantastic talk by Suzie, a representative of Xenca.

Suzie had come to the blogger meet to talk about two of Xenca's products, the collagen supplement and the Five a Day+ powder. I was immediately taken with Suzie as she was all about natural beauty and beauty from within. Which I think stands for a lot, you can have all the beauty products in the world but what you do with your insides counts the most. Although I am no advocate to healthy eating as I have a never ending love affair with Wispas, I do try to eat a varied diet (minus the meat!) However, have you ever found there's just not enough meals in a day to get all your nutrition? This is where Five a Day+ can help. It's by no means a replacement, more of an additional helping hand.

First things first, do not be put off by the colour! It is a very pond like looking substance, but I can assure you that if you mix it with orange juice it tastes really good. I wouldn't recommend just mixing it with water though as I find it is an acquired taste, however if you use orange juice you get an extra one of your five a day right there!

Xenca Five a Day

I like to take mine in the morning with my breakfast to give me the best start to the day. Working full time means I need as much energy as I can possibly muster and this has certainly helped. The powder contains some super food's such as; Spirulina which is important in bone health and heart health, as well as Chlorella which has been found to have more protein than meat! That bit was key for me as I don't eat meat (very long story involving food poisoning!) and therefore finding an alternative source of protein is very important.

So I have been using the Five a Day+ now for nearly 3 weeks and although differences have been subtle, there are definitely differences. Suzie informed me that it would take a few weeks of use before I would notice any changes and that was fine by me, there aren't any miracle products out there that work over night and I didn't expect this to be any different. I have however started to notice that even though I work the same hours I always have I don't seem to hit a wall of tiredness anymore. Usually I would get home after a shift and want a nap, now I don't! That's an amazing bonus for me as I always want to do a lot of stuff when I get home and I just didn't have the energy. I have also noticed my skin has been a lot better, I don't know if this is coincidental or not, but I am liking it!

Xenca Five a Day

It's recommended that you have 1tsp a day for normal use, but if you are injured or an athlete you can increase this. I just stick to 1tsp. Suzie also said that if you drink this before a night out drinking then drink it again when you get in you shouldn't get a hangover!  I haven't tested this out yet but with Christmas coming up I will definitely be giving it a go. Anything for a headache free day!

If you fancy trying the Five a Day+  out for yourself you can purchase it here.

I may do a follow up post when I have finished the pot to let you know how I get on in a few months time.

Have you tried any of the Xenca products?
* This product was gifted to me. All opinions I have given are my own.
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