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2 January 2015

A look back at 2014 and My Resolutions.

2014 was one of those odd years with plenty of highs and a few lows. The year started with me finishing university after a long hard slog and plenty of shed tears. Whilst I enjoyed my time at university I'm glad that I've finished and my graduation is in a few weeks!

I got to travel, a lot. We went backpacking all over Europe and saw some spectacular sights. It was the high light of my year, we've always wanted to travel and getting to fulfil it was extraordinary. We went from Paris all the way to Amsterdam, going through plenty of countries as we went.

My other half's parents got re-married which was lovely to see, a family back together again. I also went to my first ever blogger meet up which was amazing and I hope to go to many more in the future.

I have been battling a few personal demons, I have developed a nasty habit of worrying, particularly at night. I worry about everything from; what happened in the day or if I've said something wrong, what people think of me, choices I've made etc. I am working hard to resolve this but it has drawn from another demon which is my urge to check everything. Plug sockets, doors, straighteners, heaters, the oven. I have a persistent need, or rather urge, to check they are off or locked. I'm not talking your normal quick check, it can be 4+ checks of the same thing before I leave the house, if I don't do it I feel anxious and on edge. This is another issue I'm hoping to address this new year.

Overall though 2014 has been pretty good to me. I hope that 2015 will be just as good, if not better.

So here are my resolutions for 2015:

- Worry less.
- Spend more time with family & friends
- spend less and save more for our future
- Find out what I want to do
-Live for the moment
- Try something new
- Buy our first house.

What are your 2015 resolutions?

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