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17 January 2015

It's Okay Bloggers..

The other day I was out to dinner with my other half, when I realised some of the quirky little things I find myself doing since I started my blog. I had a little chuckle to myself by writing them down and then thought why not share them with you all and see how many of you do the exact same things!

So here we go- It's Okay Bloggers:

  • It’s ok to grab the fork from your partners hand before he dig’s in to his meal, you need that perfect photo!
  • It’s ok to stand awkwardly waiting for that jogger to pass by before you bust out your moves for your outfit post.
  • It’s ok to spend hours taking numerous photos before deciding you dislike them all and will not be using them.
  • It’s ok to take the same shot on different devices, what use is it having that one photo and not instagramming it too?!
  • It’s ok to sit down with the ‘I’m going to blast out 3 blog posts today’ attitude and then spend hours browsing Pinterest instead. It is an addiction- send help!
  • It’s ok to capture that amazingly healthy salad, then a day later post a picture of that indulgent slab of cake. Life is about balance.
  • It’s ok to dress up to the max, take your photos, then return home and put on your PJ bottoms and hoody. Comfort is a must.
  • It’s ok to not post for a week then post every day the following week, it’s a bit like waiting for a bus,  the ideas all come at once.
  • It’s ok to want a cactus, just because.
  • It’s ok to buy a book just because it would look amazing on your coffee table.
There we have it, some of the little things I'm guilty of doing just because I love blogging! I like to call them my Bloggerisms. Let me know some of the things you've found yourself doing since you started your blog and leave them in the comments below!  
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