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15 January 2015

I've Graduated!

Finally the day had come, all the hard work had lead to this point and I can now call myself a Graduate and no longer a student!

The day was held inside the Velodrome, it was packed. There must have been at least 2000 people packed into one space. For someone who was already nervous it was scary to say the least!

It was one of the most nerve-wrecking moments of my life walking across that stage, trying not to trip! It was an amazing high to hear the applauds and cheers as I made my way across. I had done it and I had made it out unscathed.

We let go of our hats and threw them into the air in celebration, these girls helped me get through the difficult 3 years with shopping breaks at dinner to laughing through lectures. I couldn't have asked for better friends and I don't think I would have got through early or late lectures without them!

I am now officially a BSc of Psychology! The most important document of my education, now I have to find a frame for it!

What better way to celebrate than with some cake?! Especially cheesecake!

Hope you enjoyed a sneaky peak into one of the most important moments in my life (so far!) What a way to start 2015, let's hope the rest of the year follows suit!

Have any of you graduated this year?
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