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1 February 2015

A Round Up Of January

I can't believe January is over already! It seems to have flown by in a whirlwind with so much going on the days felt like they were just an hour long. I don't think I've stopped all month!

I've decided to make this a permanent fixture, a review of each month. So that in years to come I can pop back and see what I was doing January 3 years ago, I just thought it would be a nice way to remember the big and little things I have done.

So here we go, the first instalment- January. I kicked off the year fantastically, I graduated from University, one of my proudest moments so far and the best way to kick off 2015. We celebrated with plenty of food and drink and watched the DVD over and over again. It's fair to say I made the most of it.

I managed to get a fair few blog posts up this January too, trying to keep my  new years resolutions in check. Talking about resolutions I am getting closer to one of them- buying our first house! We have been working and saving hard and actually have been approved for a mortgage! So let the house hunting commence- I'm unbelievably excited and can't stop looking at interior d├ęcor and furniture. I'm excited about silly little things like being able to lounge in the bath without anyone needing the toilet or baking new recipes in our new kitchen. I'm sure these feelings will pass after a few months but for now I'm glad to be excited and making progress in the right direction!

Another resolution that I've been happy to stick to is spending more time with my family. Me and My Dad love going on walks and have managed to make time in our busy schedules to walk the dog together. I love this resolution and really enjoy sticking to it. My family is important to me and what with me potentially moving out this year I want to cram in as much  time with them as I can.

I've also kept up with my driving lessons, which I wish I had done when I was 17. If I could turn back the clock and kick my 17 year old self who thought that it was more important to use her money to buy clothes rather than drive then I would give myself a good whack. I hate not having the freedom to travel as I wish and having a car would be so much easier. I'm determined by the end of this year to have passed. I will keep you posted.

So there we have it- my very hectic yet special January. Here's to February, let it be just as crazy and whirl wind.


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