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25 February 2015

Bridal Blabber | How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

(our venue!)

Choosing your wedding venue is just as hard as choosing your dress. You want something that suits your theme, you as a couple but also be practical and affordable. Sounds simple enough, but believe me, it's not. We Uhm'd and Ahh'd the whole two years we've been engaged over where exactly we want our wedding to be, before we stumbled on this beautiful local venue.

Now I'm no wedding expert, but I thought I would share some tips on how to choose your perfect venue from my own personal experience.

1. Set yourself a budget. In this budget consider food, drink, décor and flowers. The bigger the space the more décor needed.

2. Prepare a rough guest list, this will help you determine the size of the venue. Too big and the room will look empty, Too small and your guests not be able to move!

3. Think about your theme, are you looking at a shabby chic summer affair? a lovely rustic barn would suit that well. Or are you after a black tie ball, think boutique hotels for this. There is a venue to suit all themes.

4. Think about the season your getting married, if your having a high summer wedding then outside space is important for your guests to be able to cool down. Maybe your after a winter wonderland wedding, then inside space is important as your guests are unlikely to want to be stuck out in the cold!

5. Write a list of entertainment you want and ensure you ask the venue if they can host this. Some venues have noise restrictions and therefore live bands are a no, no. Others may not be able to have fireworks, is this something you wanted to have on your day? Make sure the venue suits the type of day you want to have and can accommodate your entertainment plans.

6. Finally, choose a venue that suits you. After all it is your special day. Ignore everyone else's view's on your venue, as there is a high chance you will have a multitude of opinions thrown at you, and go for what you want.

Hope you found this post helpful, it's something we have definitely followed when looking for our own venue.

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