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19 February 2015

Bridal Blabber | My top 5 Wedding Related Films

When I got engaged the first thing I did was go out and buy every wedding related film and magazine I could get my hands on. I was like a woman possessed, day dreaming about flowers, colour schemes, fabrics etc.

I have watched these 5 films numerous times and still love them, so I thought I would share them with you. Whether your a fellow bride to be or just love a good old rom-com there will be something for you.

So in no particular order:

1. Bridesmaids

This film keeps me laughing time and time again. It is the perfect girl's night in movie with the battle between two women over the position of being the Bride's best friend. Absolutely hilarious and quite relatable! Definitely a 10/10 wedding film.

2. Bride Wars

Another fantastic comedy film following the rivalry between two friends wanting the same exclusive wedding venue. Another very girly movie and again very relatable in an over the top dispute with wanting to have the 'perfect' day. Definitely a bridezilla element to it!

3. Made of Honour

This movie follow more a rom-com theme. What if your best friend is a man, taking a twist on your usual 'maid' of honour role and add a romantic theme and you have this film. Very watchable and again a funny film.

4. The wedding Planner

There is a much more romantic element to this wedding film, less of the funny more of the complex. It follows an ambitious Wedding Planner yet to find her own husband to be. In a tale of two star crossed lovers with plenty of complications. An easy watch and very heart-warming.

5. The accidental Husband

Another good comedy involving the shocking revelation that amid a sea of wedding plans Emma discovers she's actually already married! in a bid to get everything set straight in time for her pending marriage the search is on to find this mystery husband. Very good film, comical and exciting.

So there we have it, grab a cup of tea put your feet up and pop on one of these films on your next rainy day at home. I know I will be!

Also I had a bit of difficulty naming this series, I decided on Bridal Blabber, though I'm not sure if it will stick!

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