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22 February 2015

New Lipstick Additions & Swatches

Just recently I have been buying a few new additions to my lipstick collection. There are two things that I like to collect make-up wise and that's lipstick and eye shadows. I love both. Lipsticks I am a bit more daring with and love a good bold lip- whereas eye shadows I'm very much a neutral gal.

I have been so impressed with the Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Crayons that I bought 3..whoops! I first picked up the red crayon, which as you can see from the packaging it has been well loved!

I was pleased with the colour pay off, It's not quite opaque but it provides a good glossy finish without being sticky, which is a major bonus! No hair stuck to your lips!

The next two I picked up are a bright pink and a brown taupe colour. I've always been a fan of pink lipstick, I think it suits my skin type and really brightens up my face.

Again the colour pay off is lovely, a bright fuchsia pink with a highly glossy finish. I think this one is probably my favourite of the three Colour Rush Lip Crayons.

The Taupe lipstick is definitely one out of my comfort zone, it's a colour that I'm unsure of and I'm not certain if it really suits me or not. However, with the colour being a blogger craze as of late- thanks to the beautiful Kylie Jenner I thought I would give it a whirl.

The colour translated slightly differently to how I would have liked, it is a very light and muted nude shade. I was hoping for more of a dark taupe colour in order to make my lips really stand out. The finish is lovely but overall I'm not that impressed with this shade. This is a shame as I love the other two. I'm mainly using this one on days where I am wearing minimal make-up and just want a slick of gloss to my lips.

Due to my disappointment in the colour of the Taupe lip crayon I decided to try a MAC offering instead, in the form of  'Cream in your Coffee' Which is definitely a dark brown taupe colour.

As you can see, the colour pay off is much darker and more the colour I had in mind when I set out to find my own Kylie Jenner inspired look. I love the glossy finish and the colour is really opaque, meaning you don't have to apply much. This is excellent in terms of value for money as you can get a lot longer life out of it than those shades which need a few applications.

So that concludes what I've been buying in the beauty department just lately! Let me know whether you find the swatches useful and whether you prefer swatches to be applied to the back of my hand, or actually on the lips themselves.

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