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12 February 2015

Valentine's Dark Chocolate & Cherry Crispies

Fancy a simple sweet treat for Valentine's day? In a last minute rush to create the perfect dessert for your romantic meal? I have the best treat for you! My Dark Chocolate & Cherry cornflake Crispies. A blend of rich dark chocolate, crispy texture and sweet juicy cherries that are bound to tantalise the taste buds- who could say no?

You Will Need:

1. Cornflakes
2. Chocolate of your choice (I went for dark)
3. Glacier Cherries
4. Heart shape cutter/mould

Step One: Break up the chocolate into a bowl. Pop in the microwave for roughly 2 minutes, stop and stir the mixture every 30 seconds until completely melted

Step Two: In a separate bowl crush up your cornflakes into smaller segments.

Step Three: Mix the cornflake bits into the chocolate gradually, ensure all of the cornflakes are covered well with the melted chocolate.

Step Four: Cut up your glacier cherries into quarters and add to the mix, stir well.

Step Five: Once the mixture is stirred well it is time to fill your love heart shape moulds.  Fill carefully in order to retain the heart shape.

 Easy Peasy! Now just leave to set for an hour or two and you will have the perfect sweet crispy treats in time for Valentine's Day! Sit back, break open the fizz and enjoy.

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?
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