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14 February 2015

Valentine's Day & Big Announcement!

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovelies, Our day started like any good day should, With a lie in. A nice long lie in, followed by the next best thing, breakfast in bed.

I got up,very briefly,to rustle up a nice healthy breakfast of fruity porridge. I love to add fruit to my porridge to make it extra sweet, strawberries, bananas and blueberries are the best.

After being especially lazy we thought it was about time we got up and exchanged gifts, now usually we don't bother with presents, however, this year is a pretty special one and we thought why not. So we treated each other to a little something. My Mr knows me all to well and I was very excited when I opened this gift.

My very own Toothless!! I love 'How to train your dragon' and I love this cute toy, it even say's I love you. The thought of him going in to Build a Bear and making this does make me giggle though!

We spent most of the day being lazy things and watching t.v, just generally enjoying each others company.

Then in the evening I decided to cook a nice meal. I went all out, set the table and everything. How romantic of me!

I rustled up some Mexican Bean Fajitas and spicy wedges for the main. Without tooting my own horn (I totally am) they were scrumptious!

For dessert we decided to go fondue style, with rich dark chocolate and lots of sweet fruit.

Yum. The rest of the night was spent cuddled up watching movies, I managed to persuade him to watch Rio 2, it was fantastic.

So maybe you have been lured here by the post title suggesting a 'big announcement', well wait no more! I am so so so excited to actually be typing this- I am getting married!!

Yep, we've been engaged for 2 years now and finally took the plunge and booked our wedding, I am actually going to be a wife in 2016. I am looking forward to a year of flowers, cake and dress shopping. Prepare yourselves for some wedding related posts!

Thank you to all of you who keep popping back to my little space, I love blogging and really appreciate it :)

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