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28 February 2015

We Ate | Bill's Restaurant

So Last Saturday me and the Mr ventured out to do something very very exciting! We went shopping for our wedding rings! I'm glad to say it was such a success.

We decided that it was high time we celebrated such a successful Fete, and the only way to do this? With food of course!

I've heard so much about Bill's through the blogging community, and when I saw one local to me I thought why not check it out for myself. Let's say we were not disappointed!

When we first entered we were amazed at the setting, steel tubes, rustic tables, candles and little metal pots. I loved it instantly. The walls were lined with little jam jars of sweets and sauces. There were little chalk board signs hanging up around the place with information of the food on. What I loved even more were the little dinky salt and pepper pots, I have told the Mr that we need some of these for our own house.

We were taken to our table and given the menu's to muse over, there was so much choice it was hard to pick! We decided to order drinks first which I have to admit was just as taxing, there were so many choices of smoothies, champagne and quirky lemonades. We both decided upon the Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Float. Yes you heard right, it may as well have been a desert rather than a drink but I can confirm it was an excellent choice.

It arrived bubbles galore. After fighting through the vanilla froth you are hit with a lively sweet pink lemonade, followed by a kick of the thick ice cream. Like heaven in a glass, it was divine. You even got a fresh strawberry on the side.

For mains the Mr went for the obvious, a burger, A succulent Hamburger with Monterrey Jack cheese. In his own words it was delicious!

We loved how it came served on a wooden board, with a separate little pot for the sides. I opted for something that may sound very ordinary, a Cod Fish Finger Sandwich, but it was so good, and much more luxurious than what you would knock up at home!

The bread was lightly toasted to give it just the right amount of crunch without being dry. The fish tasted fresh and very moist, with a good helping of tomato sauce. Yum. It's safe to say that we were both very satisfied customers and the service was excellent and quick which is always fabulous.

We sat and chatted for a while before heading off to the rest of our day. Bill's also do breakfast served until 1pm on Saturdays which I definitely want to try- bring me the pancakes!

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