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1 March 2015

A Round Up Of February

1. Baking some valentines treats
2. Asking my friends to be Bridesmaids
3. Feeling Happy
4. Breakfast in bed!
5. Date night to the theatre
6. Another date night- food time
7. Lots of home purchases
8. Long walks with the Mr and my little lady
9. Buying our Wedding Rings

Wow, I can't believe February is over already! March is here now and I can't wait for spring! The weather has been so bad lately it's heart breaking. All I want is a fresh sunny day to go for a long walk.

February has been very much on par with January- Busy! So much has been going on my diary has been overloaded.  This month I had quite a lot of holidays to use at work so I have been filling my days off with plenty of activities.

House hunting has been top of our list this month, we have trawled estate agents for hours looking for the 'perfect' house. We have been to see a few but so far nothing that has grabbed us. Nobody actually tells you how hard house hunting is- if there's a nice property for a good price you bet within 24 hours it's gone! With this I have been purchasing some bits and pieces for our future home, you can check out my home ware haul here.

Another Thing that's been top of our list this month is our Wedding. I have ticked a few more things off the list now, the first was asking my best friends to do me the honour of being my Bridesmaids- a post on how I asked will be coming up soon! Another is we have been and bought our wedding rings! I was so, so excited when we went to choose them. I managed to find one that fits perfectly with my engagement ring and the temptation to keep looking at it is enormous. I have put it away in a special place to try and stop myself! I also picked up this Wedding Day yankee candle which smells lovely and fresh. The idea behind this is to burn it on the morning and evening of my wedding and then on our anniversary every year afterwards, as a kind of reminder for our special day.

With Valentine's day cropping up in February we have dedicated the month to spending time together doing fun things. We've been out for some lovely meals, been to see two plays at the theatre and even squeezed in a cheeky bowling game or two. We wanted to make the most of our days off together when we weren't house hunting or wedding planning to just have some fun.

On Valentine's day itself we spent it relaxing, starting with breakfast in bed- how any good day should start! then just watched some films and had a cooked dinner in the evening. It was perfect.

I have been loving having time to myself and going on plenty of walks when the weather has been fit. I am determined to make some lifestyle changes and force myself to fit in more exercise even though after working all day I really don't feel up to it!

That's my February in a nutshell really, house hunting, wedding planning and spending time with the Mr. I have to admit for a February it's been a pretty good month!

You can expect to see more lifestyle posts up on my blog in the next coming month what with me having so many things going on in terms of buying my first house and organising a wedding! There will still be my usual beauty posts too with a few product reviews on the cards, so nothing to different from my normal posting regime.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my February! If you fancy keeping up with what I'm doing then you can follow me on instagram where I post regularly.

What have you been up to this February? Let me know in the comments!


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