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3 March 2015

Bridal Blabber | Asking My Friends to be Bridesmaids

One of the most special things I wanted to do was ask my 4 closest friends to be my Bridesmaids. I wanted to do it in a unique and memorable way instead of just simply asking them in person, I have been fortunate and lucky to have these ladies in my life for years now and we have some amazing memories together. Therefore I thought they deserved something a little special.

I bought some white and silver boxes (silver is part of our theme) and then decided to fill them with some nice goodies. I bought some photo paper to print the 'Be my Bridesmaids' part of the box. Then inside I bought some silver tissue paper to hide the surprises in.

Inside I popped in; a instagram style photo of all of us from various nights out and holidays, a theme card so they get a sneak preview of what to expect, a sparkly silver nail polish and some earrings.

I just wanted them to be able to have a keepsake and I think the photo frame is perfect for this, its something they can use and remember that it was from me asking them to be part of my special day.

The little card on top has our wedding date on that I did using a stencil and then inside I wrote a little poem asking them to be my Bridesmaids. I gathered the girls round to my house under the guise of a girls night in, where after a couple of drinks and a chat I presented them with the boxes. I am happy to say they all said yes! Now I'm even more excited!

Hope you enjoyed having a peek at another special part of my big day!

Have any of you considered doing something a little different to ask your friends to be Bridesmaids? If so what ideas have you had?

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